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In the summer heat, it’s nice to freshen up outside by the water (or just to find some tranquility in the busy day-to-day of life). The sound of water splashing from a fountain….ahhhh. Now, you don’t need to install a fancy thousand-dollar fountain, run up your electricity bill (you’re spending so much on A/C already, right?), or visit the park to find your peace. With our Portable Solar Power Fountain, you can create some splish and splash with any existing fountain or pond on your property.

Our solar fountain creates dynamic beauty, with splashing water that attracts birds, butterflies, and dragonflies to bring a storybook-like feel to your garden or backyard. Running on the sun’s rays, this fountain device requires no cords or plugs — all while floating on your birdbath, pond, or pool. The fountain works only during the day.


Eco-Friendly: Batteries or electricity? Not required. Our fountain device runs on solar energy only, saving you money.

Four Spray Settings: With four different nozzles that alter the height of water in different patterns, discover water shows can go up to 11.8 – 19.6 in / 30-50 cm.

One Device. Multiple Uses: Where there’s water, there’s the possibility to create a fountain. Remember: no cords or power required (you just need the sun!)

A Floating Wonder: Just make the fountain pump float on water. Once the solar panel detects sunlight, it will run automatically within a couple of seconds. The brighter the sunlight, the better the fountain will work.


  • Always ensure there is a sufficient amount of water in your fountain’s water source, especially on sunny days.
  • Ensure the fountain pump is always below the surface of the water.
  • Keep the surface of the solar panel clean to avoid the pump from being blocked with dirt and contaminants.
  • The fountain works only when ALL panels are exposed to FULL, DIRECT sunlight. Even if one leaf is obstructing sunlight from one panel, the fountain will not run. The fountain device does not store any solar energy and just works off direct rays.


  • Size: 5.3 x 1.5 in / 13.5 x 3.8 cm
  • Solar panel: 1W single crystal silicon
  • Maximum pump flow: 210 L/h
  • Weight: 0.44 lbs / 200 g
  • Maximum water height: 19.6 in / 50 cm
  • Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene + Polyethylene
  • Package includes: 1 x Solar Fountain & 1 x Accessories Bag (Pump + Sprayer Heads).

With this Portable Solar Power Fountain, your garden or outdoor chill-out space will definitely entertain visitors, family, and birds, and animals alike. Don’t break the bank to find your backyard tranquility — just set up our easy-to-use fountain and relax.

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Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:34

We’ve had this a month and going strong. I do not use any of the attachments. It floats and moves around the container I use. The birds love it and it just moves around as birds enter. The intake does collect leaf etc debris which I clean off every few days or more frequently. Love it. Great price.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:27

We bought a birdbath, and the birds didn't seem interested (BOO!) After reading up a bit, we realized that sometimes, birds need to SEE the water--so we went back online and found this perfect little water mover. It's a solar fountain and it is perfect!! It is small enough to fit in this small bath, and just sits on the bottom. When the sun hits it- WATCH OUT! It does shoot pretty high (about 12'' or more) when it's fully in the sun-- we found that to be a bit much for our small bath (too much water loss) so we covered a few of the holes on the little spout-- and now it's perfect! it comes with 3 different spouts that you just slip onto the top- it really is perfect!! When it's not in direct sun, it sort of just dribbles.... but it still keeps the water wiggling!

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:24

it was smaller than I thought it would be, which was nice because I wanted to see some of my birdbaths. It was very easy to assemble and install. It was starting before I was even finished adding the water. At first, it did stop because I hadn't realized that the water was spilling over the side of the birdbath and had gotten low very quickly. I just had to adjust it. Also, my birdbath is glass and is bumpy on the bottom so I had to stick it in an area that was smooth. I think it would be better in a birdbath that has a smooth bottom in the center so that there is less chance of spillage from this sprays being blown over the side. Overall I am pleased because it worked as advertised and was easy to set up. Literally minutes.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:09

I really do love this fountain. It only works in full sun. If not weight down with pebbles, as shown in my pic, it floats around because the tiny little suction cups won't hold it down to the bottom of a bird basic, and without anything impeding the little solar panels the water will shoot up about 15 inches. I put some glass rocks on a couple of panels and if the sun is straight overhead, I'll put a rock on one to keep the water to a small burble as is pictured. Every solar-paneled fountain has these same issues listed in reviews. I don't know how long this motor will last, but for the price, I'll buy another when this one dies.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:07

We really love this fountain! It started working the minute I installed it! It does not run when it is cloudy, or in shade, so if that is not what you want, you won't be happy with this fountain. We ended up not using the spray attachments. They sprayed to high for the birdbath, so we took them off. Now it is basically a bubbler, which is perfect for our application.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:04

I was kind of skeptical about this product, but it is genuinely great. There is no set-up required, you just put on whichever nozzle you want (it comes with three so you can change up how the water flows), then put it into the birdbath and voila! You have a fountain. Mine gets full sun right now, so we'll see if it stays as strong once the leaves on the trees come in (it says on the directions it needs full sun). It has three little suction cups on the underside so it sticks in the bath pretty firmly. I'm going to get a second one for a birdbath in my backyard!

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 05:01

I bought several of these fountains. I've used three of them to replace a hideous old concrete fountain that was unsightly, very hard to clean, and difficult to fill. I took off the top three tiers of the concrete fountain and set up three different-sized plastic saucers, then put a small fountain in each. They look great, are easy to clean and fill, and the birds love them. I think they feel safer, being able to see around better. Note: twice I've had a fountain stopped working. In each case, I spritzed it and let it dry completely. Once dry, the fountain began working perfectly again.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:55

I read about this product while searching for a solar fountain to use as a birdbath. I wanted something I could use with a small vessel so I could keep the water replenished without expensive plumbing. I am so thrilled with this fountain. It works in the pool, but I like it best in a small vase that I can fill when necessary. As soon as I took the fountain out of the well-wrapped package and followed the easy to read instructions, I put it together and had a fountain. Just that easy. Although I don't leave it out all the time, it has been working well for several afternoons now. The price is so affordable that I'm planning to order additional fountains to play with by using in various other applications.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:52

The cutest, simplest thing I have ever done -- very well made and works like a charm. I am so excited -- sure hope the birds like it as much as I do. Now with a birdbath this size, it does splash onto the ground so I am going to try and find maybe a larger birdbath but in the meantime, will place some plants around it and that will help water them at the same time. How neat is this!

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:48

I already had an older birdbath and wanted to attract more birds with moving water. So I bought an extra-large black plant saucer and put it into the birdbath. Then filled with water, added the solar unit and whala...I had a working fountain in the sun which started immediately. I found it's suction cups hold it in place but the water seemed a bit shallow. When I added more water the fountain started to float from the center. I used whatever I had on hand which was bricks to keep it from moving. And I believe the birds will like that better because they can stand on the bricks to get water.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:46

Purchased this solar water fountain to enhance my backyard bird watching habitat. It was easy to put together and started spraying as soon as I placed it in the saucer of water. I am using a 15-inch ceramic planter saucer as a temporary birdbath until I build a bigger one. The suction cups under the solar housing are not very strong so I added a few rocks to help hold it in place, plus the birds like standing on the rocks. The unit comes with 3 spray pattern nozzles but they spray wider than my saucer so I am using it without a nozzle, it's just bubbling. So far it's worked continuously as long as the sun is out. The birds are happy

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:43

The fountain came swiftly and works beautifully! I was so impressed with it that I ordered a second fountain - which also works as promised. The company actually reached out to me to make sure I was happy with the product and that it was functioning properly. I am glad to report that I appreciate their customer service and the product itself is bringing us - and the birds in our yard - lots of joy.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:40

I bought this solar fountain to keep the water in the birdbath moving on cold sunny days so it doesn't freeze. I empty the ice out in the morning and place the fountain in and fill up the birdbath with water. As you can see in the photo, there are icicles on the side but the water inside the birdbath remains liquid. The suction cups don't fix to the bottom of the birdbath but for my purpose, it actually helps to have the fountain moving around. I also did not put on the nozzle and just let the water bubble out; so, the water does not shoot over the edge onto the ground.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:37

So impressed with this solar fountain. Perfect for my birdbath, as birds are attracted to the sound of trickling water. As some reviewers have said, yes it does float when the suction cups lose their grip, but as others have said, a few decorative rocks will hold it down most of the time. I don't really mind the floating. And the sound of trickling water in your garden really adds to the ambiance. Cannot beat this product for the price!

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 04:34

Bought and installed this solar fountain during the spring of 2020. The solar charger is strong and the fountain works in overcast weather. The water would should up about 12" high and this was way too strong for my medium size birdbath, but it will work in a small pond. The wind would blow the fountain around my birdbath and the water would shoot too high up spilling outside, and within 20 minutes the fountain would empty of water. I had to completely remove the sprinkler attachment and now the water trickles low out of the fountain nicely all day. I used 4 small rocks to keep the fountain from being blown around the fountain. The birds land on the rocks to drink water. I only have this fountain working for about 2 months, so I can's say much about longevity; however, the fountain works as intended.

Verified Buyer
13 Jul 2020 05:13

I wasn't expecting too much from this product. I used to have a palm tree in the center of the yard that needed to be removed due to an issue with the retaining wall, so now I'm left with this ugly stump as a focal point in my yard. I'm renting, so I didn't want to spend too much on anything that I might not use again when I move. I bought this to add some interest to the cheap birdbath that I bought. And wow! It looks phenomenal. I get compliments all the time on my "fountain". It looks very expensive, especially because it's up high so all you see is the water and not the solar panels or anything else. It's 100% solar-powered, so there's a good amount of variation in the flow based on sunlight. It's in a spot in my yard that gets direct sun for most of the day, and then the water pressure is impressively strong. In the morning/evening it's a bit less, but still flowing. Even when it's cloudy, I get a little bit of flow, but it tends to be a lot lower of a spray. Overall, very pleased. Performs as advertised, looks amazing, and adds a lot to my yard for a very cheap price.

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:13

This is a simple way to add a meet found in effect to do anything with just a little bit of water. The product works just as described. You just need some water and some light and it will spray water into the air. I can see the useful application of this if you wanted to build a small fountain out of pots and I found a few ideas on Pinterest. For my needs, I used it in my fountain just to move the water around and it looks great! I really like this product and can’t wait to use it in other applications.

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:12

I recently purchased a birdbath to try to lure birds into the yard to help with our flying insect problem. I had read that some insect-eating bird breeds prefer moving streams of water rather than just bowls of water, so I decided to try out this solar fountain. I have it pictured in the birdbath where I initially attached it, but have since moved it into a much larger basin of water, as my small birdbath dries out too quickly in the southern heat, and I was worried about the pump on the solar fountain becoming damaged (packaging indicates you should not allow it to run without a water source.) In my two photos, I show both the height of the stream when given full sun, and also the reduced height when I partially cover the solar panels with smooth stones. I have learned that in full sun, the water shoots so high it tends to be pushed straight out of the bowl. By covering two of the sensors partially with stones, I am able to reduce the height of the fountain stream, resulting in less water loss. The suction cups worked great on this shallow bowl, however, I have since moved it to a deeper basin. I am now using an old bottle filled with stones and water and tied to a string to create an anchor to keep the solar fountain centered in my deeper basin of water (otherwise it floats freely from side to side, again causing water loss as it shoots over the edges of the basin- this fountain is very lightweight.) I definitely recommend this product, particularly for the price, if it is something you are in the market for. :)

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:11

This fountain is exactly what I wanted. The suction cups do not work on concrete bird baths, and I was concerned about that - however, it's been working perfectly, happily floating around with the motor submerged under the water. I have not seen any birds yet, but I'm sure they will find it eventually. If they don't, it's still ok, because the birdbath with the fountain is very pretty. It's perfect for my little garden area. All of the reviews are correct, if you don't have sun shining directly on it, it will not work. Even a little sun will provide enough energy for it to spurt every few seconds, but full sun allows it to flow constantly.

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:09

The Solar Fountain is great! So simple to use - just fill whatever you want to turn into a fountain with water and place the solar fountain in the water. That's all there is to it! It must be sunny outside for this product to work (sun's not out, the fountain doesn't work - pretty basic). I purchased a birdbath to use with the fountain (the birdbath I purchased is shaped like a clam with ribs on the bottom - not the best choice to use with the fountain's suction cups so it just floats on the water). I snapped a picture of the fountain in action. There are 3 different nozzle heads included (the one pictured has the most holes). I love it! I'm thinking of buying another one for a different container. The sound of water splashing is very soothing - this is a terrific item. Turns a basic birdbath into a fun attraction.

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:07

To me this little solar fountain is Awesome! I LOVE it! Right, when I got it out of the box I felt it moving, so I put it in the birdbath and yes it was working but with a second interruption for the first 4 hours then out of the blue it was working none stop, the water was high and coming out without any interruptions. I'm definitely getting a second one for another bird bath I have specially when I see that the birds are liking it.

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:06

I’m just thrilled this solar fountain works so well for me. I’ve had it for about a month and it’s still working well. I was surprised that it even perks quite a bit when it’s not getting direct sun. It adds a really attractive feature to my birdbath without having to use a pipe and pump. The only problem I had was that my birdbath is too deep to keep the fountain centered so it would move to the side and the spray was so high that it would empty the birdbath. I fixed both problems by using a broken cement bowl to center it and I drilled slightly larger holes in the spray head. Now it’s just perfect! I don’t expect it to last for years but for the price if it even lasts the summer I’ll be satisfied and buy another one for next year!

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:05

Works great as long as there is full sun. Shoots water a good 12-18 inches into the air, depending on the brightness. Have only had item about 2 weeks but it works continuously as long as it is sunny out. There is no battery, only solar, the moment light hits it, it starts spraying, the moment light is taken away, it stops. Much more powerful than I would have imagined since there is no battery to store the power.

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2020 10:04

This fountain started working right away. Despite the other reviews, it does not completely stop working if the sun isn’t shining directly on it-it does this *see picture* So far, so good. Even if it lasts spring-summer, for the price and convenience, it’s great. Looks nice too.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 06:09

Received a clean, brand-new in box solar fountain as advertised. I set up a kiddy pool to test it out before I install my permanent water statue. Upon walking it in the direct sun it began to work immediately, no waiting on charge time. It is very lightweight, gentle, and moves with the slightest wind. The showerhead effect is enough to keep the water surface breaking and gentle enough that my hummingbirds & honey bees can enjoy their water resource. The height of the water spray is about 8" to 12" depending on wind conditions. For the price, so far upon initial installation, I'm overall thrilled with the results. I hope it brings long-lasting enjoyment. The reason I have wine corks in my kiddy pool is to provide life rafts for the bees, it prevents them from drowning & it's a great way to upcycle those wine corks!

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 06:00

I gave this product five stars because it works as I expected it would. I use it in a birdbath that I placed in a sunny spot. It has to be in the sun for it to work. The technology of this solar fountain is not the same as that of solar lights. It does not keep the charge. It works directly off the sun. It stops pumping once the direct sun is passed. I anchored the fountain by placing it on about 3"x 3" granite tile so that it does not float. I think that it works better that way. It looks very pretty and I love sitting near the birdbath listening to the water.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:50

It's a perfect little addition to a birdbath that I found also online here. It Has an assortment of nozzles that come with the package. I got a little too excited but nonetheless operates as described give it some full Sun and it will spill out a lot of water a very powerful stream. I prefer no nozzle with just the extension for a soothing fountain-like effect. I found that attaching it to a small plate weighted with rocks works as a better nonporous surface I will attach photos below to show you what I am talking about.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:40

Great product, solar fountain, it needs direct sunlight to work, once it has it, works great. it has 3 suction cups below to attach to a surface that is good, in order that the water does not miss outside the fountain.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:20

I did a lot of research before buying these. This one was highly rated both in the video and reviews, so I bought 2 and 2 of other brands. I put them in my large birdbath, and they work perfectly. See pic. They are the two smaller ones that are working. I have two large ponds and moved one to the lily pond. It works exactly as described in some of the reviews. I saw a little baby bullfrog jump onto it and lounge on it as if it were a lily pad, which was very cute, however, the frog did block a portion of the solar cells so it was partly shaded. But that’s OK. I’ve only had them a week, so hopefully they last. For now, they get 5 stars. The two of the other brand did not work at all.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:20

Here is a 5* review from a pleased customer that you can trust. Refer to the photo to see how well the little solar fountain performs right out of the box. Clear instructions and easy to put together. All you have to do is put it in the sun and in the water for it to start working. I was not able to stick it to the bottom of our birdbath because it is old and made of rough concrete. To fix this, I turned a shallow bowl upside down in the bottom of the birdbath and stuck the suction cups to it. No complaints.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:17

I've only had this for a day, but I'm impressed. I will be sure to update later if it doesn't last. The assembly took about one second and was so obvious that I didn't need instructions (though clear instructions did come with the product). I put it in my birdbath right away, and it was in the shade at that time. The fountain would spurt, pause, and spurt again. The water didn't go very high. (This is to be expected, as the product description says that it doesn't store power and only works in direct sunlight.) I moved the birdbath to direct sunlight and the water went about 8 inches into the air. It's very pretty and makes a nice, gentle, fountain sound. I've only had it up for a half-hour and the birds haven't tried it yet, but that's pretty typical for our yard/birds. Whenever I put anything new out there (like a new feeder, etc,) they wait a day before someone gets brave enough to try it out. I think this was very good value. I'm looking forward to enjoying it for years.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:15

This is a great product for little cost. I actually read the reviews first and then ordered and went to go look for & purchased a good heavy birdbath that has a deep bowl (about 3” at least). I also chose a glazed ceramic one, so it would be easier to clean. The pump arrived quickly and within 5 minutes, I had it put together & ready to go. It has great height but once a cloud passed by and the spray/stream almost quit but recovered once the sun came out strong. After I sat a while and listened to the soothing side of the water and watched how pretty it was, I went inside. I actually forgot about it. I came back outside an hour later and it was running just great. It’s a sunny day today. I will buy this again for gifts. I may just get a big bright ceramic bowl and fashion another one on top of my wrought iron table. Mainly for the neat sound. I read in a review that debris can clog up the pump so I intend to clean out the bowl & such once a week & pour in fresh clean water, which the birds will appreciate also!

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2020 05:10

This little fountain is amazing. I was intrigued by the concept so I ordered it and have not been disappointed. I tested it in a flowerpot. It does need full sun to function. I shaded it with my hand and it stopped. I stuck it to the bottom of the pot (it has little suction cups) and covered it with two inches of water. In full sun, it continued to burble happily. I recommend stabilizing it in one place so that it does not flow into the corner or so the wind is not blowing the water away. If it doesn't have enough water it will burp like a frog. I love it.

Verified Buyer
17 Jun 2020 05:50

Amazing Addition to Bird Bath! My wife thought I was kidding her when I told her I was getting a solar-powered water fountain for our birdbath, but it arrived today and we love it. This is an excellent product at an unbelievable price. I do not know how long it will hold up but I believe the company has good customer service. Five stars!

Verified Buyer
16 Jun 2020 10:02

I found it very easy to install this fountain in a 3-inch deep, stainless steel serving pan that I have used as a birdbath for many years. Even on an overcast but bright days, the fountain works - intermittently "spurt - spurt - spurt" about every 2 seconds. The height of the water spray is only about 4 inches or so - see photo. You do need to check the water daily and refill since on warm days the water level will get too low for the pump to work and could burn out the pump. Also, birds using your birdbath can splash water out and lower the water level I've had this solar fountain less than 1 week, so I can't actually rate longevity.

Verified Buyer
16 Jun 2020 10:00

I got this to use in my birdbath. I have been using it for 2 days so far and I LOVE it.. so do the butterflies & dragonflies! It does need to be in direct sunlight to work well. When it gets cloudy it doesn't spray up so well. I have had to unclog 2 ports in the nozzle from it picking up tiny debris from the birdbath that naturally gets in there from birds in it. It was super simple to "put together". I love that it comes with 3 different nozzles. It's really nifty! I am adding a photo for everyone to check it out! The great little item for the cost. Hopefully, it will last a while. A really cool fountain to have!!

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