Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

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Trying to duplicate profiles and contours on your woodworking or auto body projects?

Work with less hassle with the Saker Contour Duplication Gauge! Copy the exact measurements and shapes with ease!

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

This profile gauge can be used to measure the shape of irregular items to create an instant template for marking precise cuts as it perfectly conforms to shape and holds its pattern.

With its ease of use, copying a profile has never been this easy. Thus, making it a useful tool for woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any duplication job and for all kinds of modeling.

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge


  • Designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and many objects
  • Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc.
  • Easy to use. Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour and then track/trace the shape.
  • Comes with ruler markings to make measuring and cutting easier.
  • Made of high quality, high strength, durable, and anti-rust plastic material.
  • Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

This profile gauge can be used to measure the shape of irregular items to create an instant template for marking precise cuts as it perfectly conforms to shape and holds its pattern.

 Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

With its ease of use, copying a profile has never been this easy. Thus, making it a useful tool for woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any duplication job and for all kinds of modeling.

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge


  • Material: High quality ABS Plastic
  • Measuring Range: 5″ (12cm), 6″ (14cm) or 10″ (25cm)
  • Color: Green, Red or Blue

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge


  • Contour Duplication Gauge


 Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

Smart Contour Duplication Gauge

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Verified Buyer
Вадим Фадеев
27 Jan 2020 22:49

The goods did not come, but the money was returned. thanks

Verified Buyer
Ryan Warren
25 Jan 2020 12:40

Normal goods. Works, I like it. True, there was no one screw, I had to cut myself. And so a very good thing. I recommend buying this product. Inexpensive.

Verified Buyer
Тарас Исаев
22 Jan 2020 01:29

Everything is well, fully corresponds to the description, I advise the goods and the store.

Verified Buyer
Олеся Хромцовa
21 Jan 2020 12:39

Ordered 26.12 free shipping. Got 21.01. IE to Yaroslavl less than a month. Quality is good, the tool is situational, its function performs!

Verified Buyer
Семён Буркавцов
21 Jan 2020 11:48

The thing is comfortable. Step 8 PCs by 10mm. It is very inconvenient that the delivery via SDEC, and these crooks do not deliver to the House, the parcel is unclear tracked, do not want to spend money on the courier, although it seems the store paid the delivery.

Verified Buyer
Адам Лебедев
20 Jan 2020 00:29

Everything corresponds to the description

Verified Buyer
София Щёголевa
17 Jan 2020 10:21

Corresponds to the description. I recommend the producer

Verified Buyer
Алина Юрьевa
17 Jan 2020 04:38

The ruler is good. But came bent, had to disassemble and straighten. Most likely unsuccessful delivery, so I put 5.

Verified Buyer
Денис Владимиров
17 Jan 2020 03:08

A powerful thing and came relatively quickly-somewhere a month or less. The track at the border was changed, so it is not clear what was going on, but it was tracked at all stages. Works as stated

Verified Buyer
Надежда Шнайдер
16 Jan 2020 01:55

Good product

Verified Buyer
Tuva Thorsell
14 Jan 2020 21:53

Great template. Elements do not hang out, everything is tight. Very good thing for repair.

Verified Buyer
Brian Aguilar
14 Jan 2020 06:22

It came fast! this thing is really helpfull! so recommend!

Verified Buyer
John Hughes
14 Jan 2020 01:27

Works great, loosen or tighten end screws to make tool work best for your applicaton

Verified Buyer
Tor Abrahamsen
13 Jan 2020 09:32

Forms and stays in place after removal. Wish I had this when I needed to cut tile.

Verified Buyer
Johan Strand
12 Jan 2020 10:08

Cool thing!

Verified Buyer
藤井 翔
8 Jan 2020 10:52

The goods came pretty quickly. The thing is even, I recommend. The product is all as in the description.

Verified Buyer
Anna Hill
8 Jan 2020 06:03

It came in 2 weeks to Texas, the quality is good

Verified Buyer
Szikszai Szofi
6 Jan 2020 03:24

Received the goods, thanks to the store, I recommend!

Verified Buyer
Tibo Dumont
3 Jan 2020 11:16


Verified Buyer
Joe Hanson
2 Jan 2020 23:32

Good Goods. Delivery to the apartment.

Verified Buyer
Gregory Cole
1 Jan 2020 13:48

Delivery to NY for 2 weeks, good packaging, in the work is convenient.

Verified Buyer
Kajsa Bagge
31 Dec 2019 01:05

Will be a plus in my work shop.

Verified Buyer
Kyle Hawkins
27 Dec 2019 23:56

Delivery was fast ! i recommend

Verified Buyer
Charles Garza
26 Dec 2019 13:43

Ordered 2 pieces. To myself and my brother. Great thing. Quality is satisfied. I advise

Verified Buyer
Carolyn Black
26 Dec 2019 10:35

This tool is perfect for setting tile or wood it was match any corner or if you got pipes along the wall it will form around it so you can stencil the measurements exactly, light weight and easy to use

Verified Buyer
Judy Diaz
26 Dec 2019 02:38

The goods came in order and the store is good. awesome thing.

Verified Buyer
Shirley Carlson
25 Dec 2019 06:55

Externally, a nice plastic looks good.

Verified Buyer
Ronald Gomez
25 Dec 2019 02:43

I have not used it yet but is well constructed and I have played with it and seems to do what it was built to do

Verified Buyer
Hannah Stone
25 Dec 2019 01:53

The goods came quickly everything was infused to sell wonderful! I advise everyone!

Verified Buyer
Kathryn McCoy
24 Dec 2019 00:01

So glad i got this for my husband. He loves it. It makes me happy to see him finally finish some house projects.

Verified Buyer
Анфиса Поповa
21 Dec 2019 20:16

Everything is fine, the product corresponds to the description of a good thing.

Verified Buyer
Настасья Юшковa
21 Dec 2019 06:09

Excellent goods, came very quickly, sent by the transport company sdek.

Verified Buyer
Эльза Жуковa
20 Dec 2019 03:34

The goods are delivered on time, the quality is excellent. packing is a plastic bag with a gun

Verified Buyer
Ярослав Васильев
19 Dec 2019 04:38

Good product, suggest

Verified Buyer
Юлия Шаповаловa
18 Dec 2019 15:35

Came for a month by courier to the house. The quality is good, you need to adjust the compression force of the plates for clear measurement.

Verified Buyer
Вера Шестаковa
17 Dec 2019 10:34

Brought Courier sdek, the thing itself came in a month and a half. We in the production of furniture and repair of apartments is very useful. We are satisfied, thanks to the store.

Verified Buyer
Анжела Лазаревa
17 Dec 2019 08:10

Cool template, came quickly, though the order did not heal

Verified Buyer
Мирослав Герасимов
17 Dec 2019 06:29

The goods are normal pritenzy No.

Verified Buyer
Елизавета Жигановa
17 Dec 2019 00:37

Everything is fine. Everything matches the description. Sending mega fast. Packed simply in a bag with a pup. I thought the Mail would break, but no. This circuit is very strong. The first use is tight, but then easier and autumn is interesting. In repair the most that is necessary))) I recommend.

Verified Buyer
Борис Щуров
16 Dec 2019 08:33

Excellent helper in construction width 12 cm

Verified Buyer
Софья Кузнецовa
15 Dec 2019 01:37

The package came to the cdek issue point. At the point apologized and handed me a torn package. With the goods like everything is in order. The product itself is very useful. I'm happy (except open package).

Verified Buyer
Лев Павлов
13 Dec 2019 03:13

Everything works. Corresponds to the description.

Verified Buyer
Майя Яковлевa
12 Dec 2019 09:05

Corresponds to the description. Delivered to sdek home

Verified Buyer
Полина Щёголевa
11 Dec 2019 06:18

Goods received, delivery by courier. Goods without damage, in good packaging. In the work, the husband has not tried-we will add a review after use

Verified Buyer
Альберт Кузнецов
10 Dec 2019 01:09

Useful thing.

Verified Buyer
Антон Харитонов
9 Dec 2019 04:41

Very quickly received, to Moscow 10 days!! Got through the company sdeek

Verified Buyer
Глеб Ивков
9 Dec 2019 01:25

The right thing in the house for repair

Verified Buyer
Денис Казаков
9 Dec 2019 00:30

During the repair, I think that it will be useful

Verified Buyer
Григорий Ушаков
7 Dec 2019 05:33

Came within a month Krasnodar territory I recommend the store

Verified Buyer
Любовь Максимовa
5 Dec 2019 23:51

Delivery is fast.

Verified Buyer
Юрий Лазарев
5 Dec 2019 02:10

The contour of good quality, I liked it, I hope it will not fail in operation, my friends also want to buy for personal use.

Verified Buyer
Екатерина Тарасовa
4 Dec 2019 23:59

It came to Vladivostok for 20 days, took in the office of sdek, quite hard.

Verified Buyer
София Макаровa
4 Dec 2019 22:34

Delivery sdek everything is fine! A little tugovato walks.

Verified Buyer
Пётр Долгих
4 Dec 2019 21:09

Ruler came, good came for 2 weeks

Verified Buyer
Ева Угловa
4 Dec 2019 20:18

The parcel came all in

Verified Buyer
Зоя Ковалевa
4 Dec 2019 09:04

Came for 2 weeks. Corresponds to the description. Seller recommend

Verified Buyer
Эдуард Юшков
4 Dec 2019 04:10

Delivered to the point of issue sdek. all the whole, works.

Verified Buyer
Снежана Тарасовa
2 Dec 2019 02:09

Great thing,

Verified Buyer
Регина Рогачёвa
29 Nov 2019 10:29

Delivery less than a month, took the largest, excellent thing ....

Verified Buyer
Глеб Терехов
29 Nov 2019 10:14

People, brattuli, Russians and just people of our planet)))!!! The goods are good, quality. To Moscow 14 days! Got it at the post office. The goods are in puffy. Everything is tracked, the application "Post of Russia" every day informed where the order is. 100% store recommend. Handsome! Five balls for everything

Verified Buyer
Денис Царёв
27 Nov 2019 12:58

Ordered on October 21, received in Moscow on November 17. Took two sizes at once: 25 and 50 cm. Working depth is more in the pattern in 25 cm, accuracy in simple reliefs of norms. With a more complex relief the result is worse, it turns out not very accurately. But for my purposes it is good. The shape holds well, transfer to paper without any problems. (See photo). The store is happy. I recommend the product to buy.

Verified Buyer
Оскар Степанов
26 Nov 2019 19:43

The order took 2 months to Primorsky Krai. The goods are fine.

Verified Buyer
Анжела Лавровa
23 Nov 2019 11:58

Cool thing, it took 20 days to Moscow, the price is 603.18

Verified Buyer
Инга Ильинa
23 Nov 2019 04:27

The template is what you need, ordered as a gift.

Verified Buyer
Денис Уваров
22 Nov 2019 05:08

Delivered by sdek, Dad is very pleased. 25 cm, took for 601 ruble. The only thing that caused perplexity-the point of issue sdek got out automatically and was from me at the other end of the city, so I had to change the point of self-delivery, so it was closer to the House and more convenient to pick up.

Verified Buyer
Анна Румянцевa
19 Nov 2019 01:00

For the construction itself.

Verified Buyer
Святослав Плотников
18 Nov 2019 06:25

Fast shipping-fast shipping! Brought home (sdek)! The goods are satisfied, I recommend the store!

Verified Buyer
Егор Тарасов
14 Nov 2019 03:14

The tool looks good, let's see how the work will be)) store thanks)))))

Verified Buyer
Василий Новиков
13 Nov 2019 20:23

Excellent, high-quality device. Everything is dense, the multiplicity of the matrix is 1mm. I recommend. I got to Moscow quickly, only sdek failed a little (sent the parcel not to the near point of issue).

Verified Buyer
Александра Плотниковa
12 Nov 2019 05:06

Everything was well sent somewhere within a month. Great thing in work is not equal

Verified Buyer
Маргарита Воробьёвa
12 Nov 2019 03:03

Fast delivery, all according to the description. A man with his hands from the right place, just right.

Verified Buyer
Эдгар Смирнов
7 Nov 2019 17:56

All as in the description.

Verified Buyer
Стас Наумов
7 Nov 2019 02:54

Thank you very much store good

Verified Buyer
Дмитрий Юрьев
6 Nov 2019 05:10

Quality at level

Verified Buyer
Георгий Новиков
5 Nov 2019 20:02

Order came during packing flawless everything suits the store recommend

Verified Buyer
Степан Попов
5 Nov 2019 01:29

Delivery a little more than 2 weeks, delivered by sdek, I'm already)))

Verified Buyer
Вера Боковa
4 Nov 2019 04:13

Super, packing is not very But everything is intact... Thank you, shipping fast

Verified Buyer
Владислав Исаев
4 Nov 2019 02:19

The quality at the height, came super quickly, ordered 14.10.19, and received 4.11.19, packed in a package of pouches, got all the whole, nothing damaged, everything is perfect, shop and store recommend, I will still order, thank you very much!

Verified Buyer
Пётр Зайцев
3 Nov 2019 22:42

Delivery 2 weeks. Good thing.

Verified Buyer
Леонид Савельев
3 Nov 2019 05:12

Useful thing. Came quickly. Quality is good.

Verified Buyer
Регина Шаповаловa
2 Nov 2019 01:53

Cool thing

Verified Buyer
Даниил Шевченко
30 Oct 2019 05:13

The order is satisfied! Prishol quickly, all whole

Verified Buyer
Лина Воробьёвa
29 Oct 2019 10:36

Thanks to the store, the goods came very quickly, all the way was tracked! Everything is exactly as in the description! Very satisfied with the purchase!

Verified Buyer
Татьяна Любушкинa
28 Oct 2019 10:27

The description corresponds, the parcel came in 2 weeks, the store did not communicate, the seller recommend.

Verified Buyer
Мирон Петров
28 Oct 2019 05:23

The depth of measurement is too small, and so norms.

Verified Buyer
Роман Щёголев
27 Oct 2019 02:01

Just super! The main time has come! Thank you store!

Verified Buyer
Феликс Шевченко
24 Oct 2019 05:20

In the case, I have not tried it yet.

Verified Buyer
Юлия Яковлевa
24 Oct 2019 04:15

Thank you, super tool, made very well, delivery from store is also fast, the package was tracked until the delivery. The seller, well done!!!

Verified Buyer
Григорий Владимиров
22 Oct 2019 08:16

Got everything according to the description. It came in four weeks. Great product. I recommend the store.

Verified Buyer
Роман Федотов
18 Oct 2019 08:27

Very fast shipping. Courier at home. The product itself as in the description. Very necessary thing in repair! Seller megamolodets!!!

Verified Buyer
Эльвира Юрковa
16 Oct 2019 09:23

The quality of plastic is good. Has the weight that is felt. The shape takes well, holds too.

Verified Buyer
Елена Пановa
16 Oct 2019 02:58

The goods came spoiled but the store promised a discount on the next product hope not deceive.

Verified Buyer
Регина Ермаковa
15 Oct 2019 12:37

Everything is fine! Low price, high quality, fast delivery is the best! I recommend!

Verified Buyer
Слава Окуловa
15 Oct 2019 09:20

Order received! Delivered the courier to the house! Thank you, everything is fine!!!

Verified Buyer
Оскар Ушаков
15 Oct 2019 01:27

Delivery fast, courier, quality fire recommend

Verified Buyer
Лидия Яковлевa
8 Oct 2019 20:37

A month before kazan. The quality of performance is not bad. In principle, everything is as in the description. The only negative of this device is a small working area at a depth of 3 cm, that is, if the edge of the copied contour is further 3 cm from the wall, then it is not very convenient

Verified Buyer
Олег Жгилёв
5 Oct 2019 09:31

Everything came, safe and sound, with delivery to the apartment! Before mo. 22 days. Thank you!

Verified Buyer
Максим Наумов
30 Sep 2019 06:15

Corresponds to the description!

Verified Buyer
Людмила Кац
13 Sep 2019 07:03

Good thing. Delivery is fast.

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