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Some buyers we spoke with said that Magnetic Wristbands make clambering up ladders much safer the wristband functioning like a ‘third hand’.

A true hands-free solution, you won’t need to shift around searching for a drill bit, risking a potentially fatal fall.

It features adjustable velcro helping to fit most sized wrists.


It’s probably the Best Investment you can make for your long-term

Designed by a team of Elite!

Unlike other brands of wristband, we have used the best breathable materials and tested it on many people, to ensure safety!


Magnetic Wristbands


  • Easy to Use: Simply put it around your wrist like a regular bracelet!
  • The magnetic wristband is made of 100% polyester and waterproof design.
  • The comfortable material can give the skin a better feeling and won’t be easily sensitive.
  • The special material makes the weight of the wristband lighter and allows you to work more freely.
  • The knitted filling mesh design is adopted in the wrist contact area to keep our wrist ventilated and comfortable during working.
  • The magnetic wristband features a double velcro design that allows our wristbands to fit on different wrist sizes.
  • The double-layer design allows securing the wrist strap under severe movements without worrying about the fall of the wrist strap during work.

It is not only a work helper for men but also a good helper for women when doing knitting work.

  • Strongly adsorption of various magnetic tools, screw drill bolts and nails. It will not fall off easily under severe shaking.
  • With it, you don’t have to put your nails in your mouth or pockets at work. It is your job to become more organized and improve your’s efficiency!




Give Magnetic Wristbands as a gift to DIY, car, hand-crafted enthusiasts or electricians, carpenters, maintenance workers, dressmakers, construction workers, all of which can help them get the job done easily. It is the best helper.



It saves you time climbing ladders and searching for tools, allows you to work in small Spaces without looking down for tools, and speeds up your productivity!


✓ The best magnetic wristband on the Market (More Safe and Effective compared to others)
✓ Best Investment for DO-IT-YOURSELF Lovers!
✓ Top Rated 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
✓ GREAT TIME SAVER by providing a 3rd helping hand when you need it most
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BEWARE of Imitation Devices
(They are less effective and can cause harm to yourself)


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Verified Buyer
Marja Jokinen
20 Jan 2020 01:26

I bought this for my husband to help with hanging pictures and to avoid having pieces everywhere and missing washers that fall. He wears it on his wrist, puts the small screws and items he needs on it and can climb his ladder and not have to yell for help when things fall or he needs stuff handed to him. It is all right there and works perfectly

Verified Buyer
Jacob Jones
19 Jan 2020 12:44

This is exactly what I wanted. These Magnetic Wrist Bands are what every person needs that takes anything apart or uses tools. Great for PC enthusiasts, PC technicians, Carpenters, Handy People and for anyone in the home doing projects. They are very lightweight and they feel very comfortable to me. You can't beat the price for the overall quality. The way they are made they should last an very long time.

Verified Buyer
Sara Stone
17 Jan 2020 06:50

Always need someone to help me pick up or pass the small parts, nails, nuts, screws when I am working on the ladder. With the wristband I no longer bother my family. Strong enough for drill bits and big nails. Great to have in my tool bag. The other one I put in my gun cleaning kit. Last time I lost a pin, it took me 20 minute to locate the piece. With this strong magnet, no more missing small parts. Hooray! ##I purchased with my own money and this is my honest review. Please click helpful if you like it. Thanks. ##

Verified Buyer
Jean Grant
17 Jan 2020 05:47

I think this is a great gift for any person that loves to work with tools. I purchased these for myself and have a very small wrist and I was worried that it may not fit well. I probably have a 8 inch circumference wrist and they fit very well on me. They are very soft in the inside so it does not irritate my skin. The magnets on the product are very strong. That one time I held up to 18 screws and that saved me from putting the screws in my pocket or losing them. Overall this is a very cool product. Whoever thought of this is very smart.

Verified Buyer
Hunter Thompson
15 Jan 2020 02:06

Perfect for when you’re doing takes around the house. It’s really nice that when I had to go up the ladder I had all the items I needed right there at my wrist and didn’t have to go back up and down or have my kiddos handing me items and whining about it. The magnet strength is super impressive and able to form around your wrist so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. You can see in my picture how it could hold my wire strippers. These bands are game changer and not sure how I’ve gone without it!!

Verified Buyer
Chloe Lee
14 Jan 2020 22:59

Thank you very much. Nice thing.

Verified Buyer
Patrick Contreras
14 Jan 2020 00:46

My husband rehabs homes for a living, and has found this to be quite useful when he is up on the extension ladder, where even reaching into your tool belt can be daunting. It seems to work best for screws, short bits, short zip ties, and other small items that you might use. Longer items can get in the way and end up poking you in the arm, but those are just as easy to pull out of your tool belt. The velcro holds well and keeps the band tight on his large wrist. This could also be useful for crafting or sewing. Having a place to hold your needles, thimble, or other craft items would be useful. One person found this helpful

Verified Buyer
Walter Webb
12 Jan 2020 05:36

Product came in a two pack. Felt sturdy and Velcro was robust and strong. Has mesh on the inside to allow for breathing. This fit my tiny wrist and did not slide around. Has little pockets to slide in small un-magnetic items. Held nails, screws, bits, no problem. Cannot hold anything heavy but did manage to get a fewer lightweight tools to stick. Really nice when you’re climbing on a ladder and to not have to put nails in your mouth. If you’re hammering, consider only wearing one on your non hammering hand as some things flew off from the impact. Overall, nicely made and happy with this product!

Verified Buyer
Matilda Williams
11 Jan 2020 14:17

Awesome product. It essentially straps magnets to your wrist and your able to pick up metal screw and hold them while using a drill with the other hand. The wrist band is only big enough for a wrist, not around the arm, as described. The magnets are pretty strong and can hold a bunch of screw and have little pockets for other items. Also, the package came with two wristbands, so you can optimize both hands and be extremely productive, this is a great products for a working set of hands.

Verified Buyer
Theresa Schmitt
11 Jan 2020 04:37

The magnet is very strong, even my pliers are firmly fixed, so there is no doubt about it. It turned out to be very useful for my work, especially at work. The workmanship is very good, the stitches are very good, and the bracelet is very light. Very satisfied!

Verified Buyer
Irene Morelli
11 Jan 2020 04:11

fast delivery, recommend!

Verified Buyer
Peyton Wong
11 Jan 2020 00:03

Found these bracelets after scrolling through amazon for tools and I can't believe I have never seen them before. These magnetic bands are such a great addition to my toolbox. They help a lot holding nails and screws, which before I would either need to hold them with my lips or in my pockets haha (pockets are not practical tho) Also the magnets are powerful enought to not let loose any component even if you shake your arm. Will be gifting one of these to my dad since I know he'll also love it.

Verified Buyer
Lucy Morton
10 Jan 2020 02:36

It came as in the description. Thank you store for the goods

Verified Buyer
Zoey Krämer
9 Jan 2020 11:36

Great quality. Great tool for your work!

Verified Buyer
Thomas Anderson
9 Jan 2020 11:07

Order processing pts fast! store 5 c "+". The bracelet is decent. I liked it. thank you.

Verified Buyer
Зоя Владимировa
8 Jan 2020 08:08

Good quality. Fast shipping.

Verified Buyer
Max Walker
5 Jan 2020 02:30

Excellent thing, screwdriver or knife keep normal, screws and other trifles perfectly!

Verified Buyer
Аркадий Кац
2 Jan 2020 01:03

Delivery 3 weeks. Everything is fine! Holds very well! Suitable for any hand

Verified Buyer
Riley Anderson
1 Jan 2020 12:14

Great set of magnetic work wristbands. Very strong magnets, I've used it to hold small tools and sockets, and a flashlight while I'm working in dark spaces, in addition to nails, nuts and bolts. Very comfortable and well designed. I like the pockets, and the integral wrist strap, it makes it easy to quickly strap around your wrist. Very handy addition to my tool collection. The velcro is strong, and it stays in place. The guys at work all like them, Christmas presents?, dont tell them.

Verified Buyer
Luis Friedrichs
21 Dec 2019 13:06

Magnets are good, it is worth taking

Verified Buyer
Nancy Peterson
20 Dec 2019 04:52

This is an awesome thing to have, especially when working on vehicles. I can use the magnetic wristbands to hold all my screes, nuts, and bolts. That way I don't lose them on the ground. They are very comfortable and breathable; my wrists don't get sweaty when I wear them. They would also be perfect for anyone who uses tools that can be adhered magnetically to the wristbands, like carpenters, seamstresses, tailers, and electricians, just to name a few. Highly recommended!

Verified Buyer
Solene Humbert
19 Dec 2019 06:56

Hi, thanks a lot and good luck!

Verified Buyer
Мария Ивановa
12 Dec 2019 19:03

The parcel went 2 months to Tatarstan. I liked the goods myself!

Verified Buyer
Bobby Wright
12 Dec 2019 06:02

These come in handy when doing a home project or working on your vehicle. We put up a shed and the amount of screws we dropped was crazy. So when I saw these. I knew I needed to try them. These make it so you don't have to constantly go back and forth for different screw driver heads. And you can fit many screws and bolts on these, saving time. They fit on mine and my husbands wrists. With these wrist bands, you save time and frustration.

Verified Buyer
Полина Угловa
12 Dec 2019 01:20

Before the Krasnoyarsk territory, the bracelet drove exactly a month. The store sent the goods quickly. I packed it in the navel, the bracelet arrived intact. Magnets in the bracelet are good, magnetize perfectly, Velcro fastener, sewn well. It is worth taking, it will be a good help in work.

Verified Buyer
Nils Zimmermann
10 Dec 2019 22:06

Everything is fine, the quality is decent.

Verified Buyer
Александра Васильевa
10 Dec 2019 09:00

It came about a month, sewn without complaints, everything is smooth, the seams are straight, the sticky part is wide, it will keep well, the magnetic part holds well

Verified Buyer
Василиса Худяковa
8 Dec 2019 04:37

Went to Voronezh month! ordered two, brought in one parcel! and The Courier brought to the house! all just super, definitely recommend)

Verified Buyer
София Семёновa
7 Dec 2019 06:23

A wonderful bracelet, to Peter flew in a month. The quality is excellent, well holds metal scissors, knives, so for all sorts of carnations and screwdrivers accurate fit. Suitable for a wide male wrist, Velcro firmly fix the bracelet. My husband is happy, now you do not have to keep anything in your teeth.

Verified Buyer
Тамара Герасимовa
4 Dec 2019 11:18

Bracelet holds, nails, bits magnetic, everything is fine

Verified Buyer
Keira Ouellet
4 Dec 2019 08:35

I love these so far! I used them to hold the screws while I put up more hooks in the garage this weekend and they were perfect. I usually try putting the screws and predrill but I’m my pocket but now I can have it right on my wrist! It saved me time and helped keep everything organized. Really like these and they would make the perfect gift for anyone that woes with a screws or nails at all.

Verified Buyer
Светлана Уткинa
3 Dec 2019 04:08

I took my father as a gift, he often does repairs and I'm tired of watching him climb into his pocket behind the screws. The thing is super. I tried it myself, nor falls!

Verified Buyer
Léa Taylor
2 Dec 2019 04:54

The product arrived quickly! Everything is fine, I recommend it.

Verified Buyer
Данил Кузнецов
30 Nov 2019 09:14

Corresponds to the description, but as the practice of three magnets showed is not enough. The product itself is excellent, recommend!

Verified Buyer
Глеб Царёв
29 Nov 2019 09:56

16.11 ordered 29.11 took at the Post Office (Izhevsk). Magnets are quite strong. In the work it is useful unequivocally. Thanks to the store.

Verified Buyer
Нина Любушкинa
28 Nov 2019 07:59

The goods correspond to the declared characteristics. Got very quickly.

Verified Buyer
Василиса Алексеевa
28 Nov 2019 00:13

Ordered 11.11 received 29.11, stunningly fast :). Quality is good. Fixed on the arm well. On the bracelet there are three magnets, screwdrivers, knives, apron keep perfectly. Convenient, necessary thing.

Verified Buyer
Юлия Владимировa
27 Nov 2019 06:05

Received the order very quickly, the quality is good, checked, even heavy metal items holds. Thanks to the store, I recommend.

Verified Buyer
Максим Довженко
25 Nov 2019 22:29

Received the goods 25.11.19 very fast delivery. I recommend the store satisfied.

Verified Buyer
Богдан Углов
25 Nov 2019 13:49

The product corresponds to the description. I came quickly and without problems. Magnets hold even heavy knives. Delivery came 2,5 weeks earlier.

Verified Buyer
Adam May
23 Nov 2019 23:31

with 2 Pockets , so some non-metallic tools are also easy to hold. Keep tools on your wrist while you work, ideal for holding nails, drill bits, small tools, screws, bobby pins and much more. No worries from searching for small parts in the toolbox or your pockets, fully improving your work efficiency. Perfect home improvement and toolbox accessory. Awesome gift idea for husbands.

Verified Buyer
Тамара Алексеевa
18 Nov 2019 09:16

Peter came two weeks. Looks good and comfortable on the hand. The material does not smell.

Verified Buyer
Christopher Jenkins
15 Nov 2019 01:25

For size reference — I have tiny wrists & the size range comfortably fits me, but these could also fit a huge size wrist. These securely hold nails, screws, etc — so you can efficiently hang pictures or do small tasks without having to climb up and down a ladder, or without needing another person to stand there and pass you stuff. These definitely speed up projects.

Verified Buyer
Gerald West
12 Nov 2019 09:12

The description is accurate, there are only three magnets, I.E. 3 sections with paired magnets. You will have to choose on top or side of the brush to have a magnetic side. Expected that the magnets will be located along the entire length of the bracelet, it is not so, only a small part, about a third, carefully read the description. In principle, high-quality fabric, breathable substrate on the inside, but the magnets are weak, suitable only for small Metiz.

Verified Buyer
Лина Тереховa
8 Nov 2019 11:17

Excellent bracelet, with a maximum diameter of 9 cm and although on the children's handle put on)) sewn perfectly, smoothly, neatly)) all edges are processed, sealed joints)) excellent in the general

Verified Buyer
Максим Хватов
7 Nov 2019 00:19

It came 2 weeks before Moscow. Very suitable bracelet for its price, magnets are strong, self-tapping and nails will hold exactly without problems

Verified Buyer
Gerald Matthews
11 Oct 2019 06:47

that's very good

Verified Buyer
Виктория Макаровa
4 Oct 2019 05:15

Thank you~ perfect!

Verified Buyer
Douglas Martin
3 Oct 2019 10:01


Verified Buyer
Артур Веретенников
26 Sep 2019 08:07

Delivery month. quality goods. thank you!!

Verified Buyer
Леся Голановa
25 Sep 2019 04:18

Magnetic bracelet on hand. Quality is good. I order the second time already. Neodymium magnets are flat inside. Keep well.

Verified Buyer
Кира Баданинa
24 Sep 2019 23:20

Everything is fine, in russia took the worst quality. Here is a very comfortable bracelet

Verified Buyer
Виктор Лаврентьев
5 Sep 2019 08:42

The material is not bad, the magnets are good, which was at hand, i think it will be useful more than once)

Verified Buyer
Emily Burns
28 Aug 2019 08:13

Delivered in 20 days.

Verified Buyer
Борис Дмитриев
27 Aug 2019 12:26

The bracelet is excellent, and for your money just fire! Screws with bolts hold confidently, even nippers 180mm normally. To the hand tactile pleasant. In short, i'm happy as an elephant)

Verified Buyer
Глеб Базовкин
8 Aug 2019 06:20

The bracelet is good, the strength of the magnet is enough for self-tapping, delivery more than a month to bashkortostan.

Verified Buyer
Альбина Боковa
2 Aug 2019 05:49

Neat goods, a little weight, the most it for repair,))))

Verified Buyer
Полина Богдановa
30 Jul 2019 08:50

Cool bracelet. Holds heavy knife

Verified Buyer
Зоя Тереховa
27 Jul 2019 09:53

In the rostov region the bracelet arrived for a month. During transportation was not damaged. Magnetitis is excellent. I recommend the store and the product.

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