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It’s time to shop with our latest product – electric drill! Get the ultimate electric tools you’ve been looking for with any Ships From and Color and Plug Type you want. Discover our exclusive low prices (which start from just US $101.00).

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Weight: 0.99kg

This amazing product is just what you need; however, hurry up: the offer won’t last long! So, choose your favorite Ships From and Color and Plug Type and add it to your shopping cart.


Are there more variations to choose from?
The description of the electric drill includes all the available variations, but we regularly update this section if we get new options.

Can I expect your product to meet manufacturing standards?
You don’t need to worry about the quality of our electric drill because we make all our products according to the manufacturing standards.

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Thank you for the interest! The price is US $101.00.

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Verified Buyer
Игорь Уткин
7 Jan 2020 09:49

I came to this store from Alex gaiver, like many here. Well, to say, for this money is quite a decent tool, two batteries are included. As it will show itself in the work, it will be visible. The only thing, the store confused something with delivery, to the Post Office ran as a result already 4 times, while waiting for what he ordered. And so everything is cool. For "heartless drilling" to the seller special thanks, laughed for a long time)))

Verified Buyer
Даниил Егоров
4 Jan 2020 08:55

Order received. Thank you. For this money, the tool is just perfect!!! After 12 free, Sky and Earth!!!

Verified Buyer
Анастасия Павловa
4 Jan 2020 04:22

Came quickly, packed perfectly, the battery is fully charged. Works great.

Verified Buyer
Надія Довженко
3 Jan 2020 02:34

Excellent screwdriver for such MONEY!!!

Verified Buyer
Эльвира Савинa
25 Dec 2019 09:30

Just super! Shipping to Russia with tracking in 7 days. And that's not important! Ordered set 1 for 1948, immediately received a coupon and paid 1770. Set 4 came with two batteries and a case. Just a holiday of some kind! Good and happy new year to the store!

Verified Buyer
Герман Фролов
25 Dec 2019 03:11

While everything is fine, in a month I will write in addition, delivery 7 days

Verified Buyer
Рoмaна Бублик
24 Dec 2019 07:46

I recommend to buy. Delivery: 7 days from order to Ukraine. The packaging is excellent, the suitcase is packed in a bubble film in two layers, plus the screwdriver inside the suitcase is also packed in a bubble film. The screwdriver itself is of high quality, everything is done tightly, without backlash. The cartridge is also not luftit. I liked the suitcase, comfortable, it closes well. Took on the review of Alex gaiver. Purchase satisfied.

Verified Buyer
Marie Henderson
24 Dec 2019 04:31


Verified Buyer
Марат Терехов
21 Dec 2019 02:40

Checked in. Work pleased. The only negative is tight switching from the top from the first to the second speed

Verified Buyer
Людмила Ивановa
19 Dec 2019 21:07

The view of the screwdriver is cool. So far, I have not turned much. But he's spinning. Bought guided by alexgyver. He has such a 12 V. I bought on sale 11.11 with domes turned out for 2300 rubles. Screwdriver, 2 batteries, charging and case. Ordered with delivery from Russia. Delivery SDEC 5 days. The illumination of the drilling site shines correctly. The case is small. At first I was afraid that it was not my order. Used to big cases. At home a broken Hitachi Shurik, who has been spinning for 7 years. The whole cottage was turned. We need to repair. And now Bosch 180. This took for the sake of interest to see how pure China twists)

Verified Buyer
Арина Андреевa
12 Dec 2019 08:54

The goods and the store are satisfied, a great gift!

Verified Buyer
Жанна Уткинa
11 Dec 2019 09:36

In the kit for 2009,56 R. There should be a spare battery, charger, plastic packaging, and you sent me in a cardboard package, no spare battery, no plastic packaging, charger is.

Verified Buyer
Глеб Максимов
10 Dec 2019 03:46

The order was a month, but this is all the post of Russia. The store is very responsible and sociable, he said that the parcel arrived, and in trackmng it was not visible. We will try as a screwdriver in work.

Verified Buyer
Арина Соколовa
10 Dec 2019 01:02

The goods were delivered by courier! The screwdriver is excellent, everything works well! The battery came charged, charging works! Product and store recommend! (shipping fast)

Verified Buyer
Арина Щукинa
8 Dec 2019 03:16

It came a week before Yekaterinburg. Everything is fine, in general the quality is satisfied. By assembly-a typical China, of course. Speed is bad. Everything else is the top. I tried the wall concrete drill-beret., but you need pts good drill.

Verified Buyer
Иван Богданов
8 Dec 2019 01:04

The description corresponds. It came in a week. I recommend the product and the store.

Verified Buyer
Филипп Седых
7 Dec 2019 19:57

All OK, no packing, the box is all wrinkled, but Shurik is okay, I order a second time

Verified Buyer
Глеб Ильин
7 Dec 2019 01:14

Small light is very powerful.. At the first speed, even 150 in the easy twist... take or not .. exactly take. Guyver himself advised .. but on the voltazh look yourself .. as for me this is the golden middle .. and the light and the battery lasts for a long time. and the case itself is certainly stronger than cardboard but flimsy .. in principle, not football to play .. will go) bits-it is worth taking or not I think it is worth .. the quality is like good .. well, the number of things that you will have in this set .. at a price of 3 times cheaper it turns out.

Verified Buyer
Ксения Осиповa
6 Dec 2019 16:41

Shurik is a bomb! (16.8 V) for convenience in the hand from the 12v-th is no different. By weight, too, there is practically no difference, but this Shurik was able to screw my car to stand, and 12 V could not. Both shuriks have the same speed, but in tone at maximum revolutions the difference is audible. 16.8v turns faster. I recommend the store, it was a little jammed when sending, but everything was fixed on demand without opening a dispute and in a short time.

Verified Buyer
Judy Butler
6 Dec 2019 11:16

The goods came in whole. The box is a little crumpled, but the commodity was damaged. The screwdriver is quite heavy and well lies in the hand. The size is a little smaller than I thought, but it's even better. Quite powerful, the cartridge could not be stopped by hand. The screwdriver came fully charged and works out of the box. Pleased with the translation on the cover of the instructions, the screen attached. The product is satisfied, I recommend.

Verified Buyer
Юлия Хариновa
6 Dec 2019 05:03

So our "heartless drilling" came. Ordered a drill on Black Friday. Set case and 1 battery. It cost 2055 rubles, delivery of sdek after a week to the house. The screwdriver was packed well, came not broken. The suitcase is small, the device itself is not light and not heavy, but the battery and charging are lightest. The test passed, twisted and twisted a long screw in the board several times... more than 12 nights did not work. The speed switch barely moved. The house is probably not to be built, but to disassemble/assemble cabinets and other equipment, even I'm sorry. I consider having such a device in the house for periodic work is a pleasure. I hope for his vitality.

Verified Buyer
Георгий Савельев
5 Dec 2019 15:33

Charging tight nothing hangs, twirls Shurik on hurray, all the settings necessary, a good thing

Verified Buyer
Аркадий Лебедев
5 Dec 2019 12:29

Delivery is fast, packing is good. Very satisfied! And also returned 4.5% from the purchase (7% is a deception), through the cashback system! Here is the link bit. ly/simple112 saving with each purchase. The link can scan with QR code.

Verified Buyer
Кость Бублик
5 Dec 2019 09:42

Chose delivery in Ukraine, in Kiev received in 6 days, because. Long did not send the order. Everything is packed qualitatively. Manufacturing quality, no backlash, plastic is durable, the handle is rubberized. Of the shortcomings-there is a pungent smell...

Verified Buyer
מאיה בן יצחק
4 Dec 2019 12:40

Well, in general, not bad. Heartless drilling left pleasant impressions. But the batteries out of the box are shabby, how?

Verified Buyer
Леся Боковa
3 Dec 2019 09:12

Good inexpensive tool. Everything works fine. Thank you!!

Verified Buyer
Кира Овчинниковa
1 Dec 2019 01:18

Everything is cool, it works clearly, speed at altitude. While I like everything)

Verified Buyer
Анастасия Ильинa
1 Dec 2019 00:20

Came cdek delivery. But not quite fast as some in two days. Weeks 2 exactly.

Verified Buyer
Zachary Snyder
1 Dec 2019 00:06

Delivery 2 weeks to RB. sdek service, called, came took. The screwdriver is miniature, not noisy, with illumination. For the house the very thing, while there are no complaints, everything works came a complete set with instructions

Verified Buyer
Владимир Смирнов
29 Nov 2019 09:07

Delivery of a week and a half to Lo, the device is working, all as in the description. Took not a box, in a box, hard cardboard. For their money a great tool. My husband is happy.

Verified Buyer
Тетяна Гриценко
28 Nov 2019 23:55

Delivery from Ukraine for 7 days to ukrmail. In the hand sits comfortably, the screwdriver has charge control, but the quality of the indication at the first use quickly passed from charged to discharged. There is a small backlash of the cartridge, not critical. The backlight lights up with rotation, which in the dark causes some inconvenience. I did not communicate with the store.

Verified Buyer
Сергей Хромцов
27 Nov 2019 13:46

The screwdriver is excellent, ordered 11.11 came to Makhachkala 27.11. Seller recommend

Verified Buyer
Кристина Осиповa
27 Nov 2019 07:48

Lovely screwdriver Arrived in 2 weeks Good at work

Verified Buyer
Фёдор Чистяков
27 Nov 2019 07:05

Everything is fine! 16 days to Moscow, from the order to the apartment, delivered Courier sdek. Spinning well!

Verified Buyer
Валентин Рыбалко
26 Nov 2019 21:41

Shurik is great. The Chinese Feather died on the second hole.

Verified Buyer
Тарас Лазарев
26 Nov 2019 03:23

Got it, believed it, everything is still working. Backlight norms, twists perfectly. Additional feedback will be a little later. Sending-delivery fast packed well, handle rubberized, convenient Shurik. I recommend!

Verified Buyer
Людмила Румянцевa
25 Nov 2019 02:27

Everything is fine!

Verified Buyer
Жанна Харитоновa
24 Nov 2019 06:13

Delivery by courier to the house. Shurik liked, compact. I did not experience much in the case. It's still working. If anything comes out, I'll write!

Verified Buyer
Зина Воробьёвa
23 Nov 2019 07:53

Everything is fine, we'll see in the work, before the NSK delivery is three weeks.

Verified Buyer
Софья Шадринa
22 Nov 2019 23:18

I order not the first time, all the norms. Recomegduyu! A good thing for a home for a family.

Verified Buyer
Трофим Румянцев
21 Nov 2019 08:22

Surprisingly fast. To Chelyabinsk for 10 days. Everything works. Tight switch modes with 1 to 2.

Verified Buyer
Рycлана Бублик
21 Nov 2019 04:53

The goods came in whole and in working condition, according to the description. Seller recommend.

Verified Buyer
Сніжана Галицький
21 Nov 2019 02:32

I buy enchantments! Special protection of suede from the delivery of a warehouse in Ukraine. Delivery of Bula trohi dovshoyu, it was clear (the balance of 3-7 days passed 10 days, ale it is not critical). Lightweight, compact, dovoli tight. In the port of my colishnim 12-volt Black & Decker, you can spend a lot of time with Ruci. External "minus", the power of the nickname, who can not put vertically on the battery-a small area of support, throw. I think, Z inchoyu Modell, de The battery is big massivniy, it will not be the same. Recommend!!!

Verified Buyer
Татьяна Черноусовa
21 Nov 2019 00:32

Cool not big and half charging came, the courier brought straight to the door, for 2250 general fire

Verified Buyer
Елизавета Тарасовa
20 Nov 2019 20:56

Very cool Shurik, self-tapping screws like in oil drives, took a set with a box. Quality is good, I recommend!!!! Came for 5 days to Chelyabinsk.

Verified Buyer
Рycлан Бондаренко
20 Nov 2019 12:49

Well, not Bosch of course but for $27 very much even. In the backpack and at the cottage

Verified Buyer
Георгий Соколов
20 Nov 2019 11:00

Very fast delivery sdecom. The screwdriver is really strong and looks decent, but there is a small backlash of the chuck, so to check something very accurately with a drill for 1mm is unlikely to work

Verified Buyer
Мирослава Галицький
20 Nov 2019 10:03

Screwdriver arrived very quickly, chose delivery in Ukraine. it was very much worried about ukrpost, but it did not fail)) delivered the courier to the address. I recommend the store. If there are any nuances about the work of the screwdriver, I will add a tip.

Verified Buyer
Валентина Игнатьевa
20 Nov 2019 07:32

Very good screwdriver! Conveniently sits in the hand, rubber pads do not allow the body to slide in the hands, the mechanic works without complaints, the charge indicator and the backlight of the working area work properly! Thank you!

Verified Buyer
Мирослав Богданов
19 Nov 2019 23:28

Shurik fire! Delivered in 5 days to the Post Office.

Verified Buyer
Яна Алексеевa
19 Nov 2019 23:22

5 days to Yekaterinburg, Shurik fire. Thank you very much to the store.

Verified Buyer
Семён Зайцев
19 Nov 2019 12:50

Match description, fast delivery

Verified Buyer
Людмила Шадринa
19 Nov 2019 07:46

Fast delivery, works well, ordered from Moscow

Verified Buyer
Снежана Евдокимовa
19 Nov 2019 03:40

Parcel received, sent quickly, packed well, everything works, everyone is happy

Verified Buyer
Инна Фоминa
18 Nov 2019 23:30

Ordered 11.11 with delivery from Russia. Received 18.11 at the post office. Shurik is known, already proven to be an ideal price-quality ratio. Ugarel with "heartless drilling")))))

Verified Buyer
Тарас Щеглов
18 Nov 2019 23:17

The program flew out and my extended review disappeared, the second time to write laziness. Therefore, briefly, the screwdriver itself left a good impression. Has a pungent smell, I think it will air and everything will be normal.

Verified Buyer
Юлия Шаповаловa
18 Nov 2019 12:16

Excellent Shurik for its price

Verified Buyer
Юрий Яблоков
18 Nov 2019 10:16

Packed well, in 2 layers of pimples, and inside the case is also in pimples. Delivered in 7 days. The courier brought home. Everything works. I recommend to buy!!!

Verified Buyer
Катерина Петровa
18 Nov 2019 07:17

It came in five days, it turns cheerfully. The beating is but for me is not critical. For 1300 on the action Fire

Verified Buyer
Давид Ивков
17 Nov 2019 03:52

Bought at 16.8 V for 1435r for this money it's just very even excellent The only negative, the cartridge needs to be kept with your hand for tightening there is no stop, but this is not critical)

Verified Buyer
Світлана Бондаренко
17 Nov 2019 03:45

Was chosen delivery in Ukraine, in Kiev received in 4 days, delivered by courier ukrpost. Very satisfied

Verified Buyer
Пётр Тимофеев
17 Nov 2019 02:59

At first glance it is not bad. More precisely, it will be possible to do only after some time of use. Packed well. Air film outside and inside. Delivered by courier home

Verified Buyer
Майя Ушаковa
17 Nov 2019 00:14

Delivery from Russia less than a week sdecom. Looks good, twists well, in the right hand lies so-so because of the thick battery. But in the left is normal, maybe it's individually. Instruction translated from Chinese Google translator.

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