16.8V Lithium Battery Electric Drill

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Our store has just added power tools to its stock. A hot trending product, we’ve got what you need at just US $92.00.


  • Premium product quality
  • Competitive price not found elsewhere
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Weight: 1.3kg

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Will it smell of anything weird?
Judging by the experience of the previous buyers (and our own knowledge of the product manufacturing technology), we can assure you there won’t be any problems with smell from the power tools.

If I order the electric drill, will the color of the real product match the one on the picture?
All the colors of the power tools on the photos are true to life. Please note, however, that the screen calibration of your device may distort them a little.

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I am not sure that I should buy it from you. Why to choose your store?
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Verified Buyer
Любовь Лаврентьевa
7 Jan 2020 20:52

Delivered quickly, packed perfectly, charged, the BAT holds, check in the work will finish if bad

Verified Buyer
Константин Алексеев
7 Jan 2020 02:43

Everything as promised, works, and time will show how long...

Verified Buyer
Тетяна Зощенко
2 Jan 2020 12:46

The goods correspond. Works as it should. I recommend. Thank you!

Verified Buyer
Богдан Яблоков
30 Dec 2019 04:51

Everything is fine!!

Verified Buyer
София Царёвa
30 Dec 2019 03:02

Sent a very long time, but the store answered the questions, although in a couple of days. I ordered 11.11 so we will sleep on a large load. Let's see how it shows itself in the work like

Verified Buyer
Яна Хариновa
30 Dec 2019 01:52

Longyun-champion. Full functionality, and the optimal ratio of price and quality I did not meet. Manufacturer and store-respect and respect.

Verified Buyer
Martha Horn
28 Dec 2019 08:45

Super Thank you beautiful Free quick and easy good

Verified Buyer
Emma Reyes
24 Dec 2019 01:10

Shipping 6 weeks. Everything corresponds to the information on the site. Screwdriver, charger with Europlug, double-sided bit, instruction on the Russian language and discount coupon with the promise of "halyava" (though provided that you are a "fan" of this store). Tool weight 950 grams. Comfortable. Charged. With a good rubberized handle. On the sides has rubber inserts for cushioning when laying on the side. The battery can be inserted in the charger incorrectly if desired, but it is very difficult to make a mistake.

Verified Buyer
Зинаида Юрченко
23 Dec 2019 01:06

The product is satisfied, the quality of the materials is better than expected. The store put a bat, fork and end as a gift. Knife. Took for the house, I think for a long time will live. Delivery by courier, 17 days was the order. 2700r for the set turned out.

Verified Buyer
Анжела Яшинa
20 Dec 2019 10:17

Shurik is of good quality. Corresponds to the description. I ordered from China. I brought the courier.

Verified Buyer
Антон Терехов
19 Dec 2019 09:41

Excellent, for these money in general fire!!! I'm happy as!

Verified Buyer
Ян Дьячков
18 Dec 2019 12:57

It was about a month. The parcel came well packed. Brought the parcel the courier was very nice. I advise the store.

Verified Buyer
Евгения Фёдоровa
18 Dec 2019 04:34

Everything works fine

Verified Buyer
Дарья Ошуковa
14 Dec 2019 02:55

Everything works checked. Not the first time I order!

Verified Buyer
Владимир Гаврилов
13 Dec 2019 23:48

All as in the description. Ordered with delivery from Russia. Came quickly. All Super Shurik is happy. Thank you to the store. I recommend.

Verified Buyer
Евгения Щуровa
12 Dec 2019 08:17

Quality at height, delivery fast to perm week! Seller 5 stars, thank you, definitely recommend! Plus gifts, knives, bits, and even a plastic case! Thank you!!!

Verified Buyer
Анна Соловьёвa
11 Dec 2019 03:47

Thank you. Idinny kasyak address did not write on the box only house and kaartiru and a month almost on the Mail lay a box

Verified Buyer
Марат Любушкин
10 Dec 2019 08:50

Delivery about 10 days in Moscow. all as in the description of reviews. Both batteries for some reason charged, usually stored 30% charge, on both 16.4 V

Verified Buyer
Ульяна Павловa
10 Dec 2019 07:12

Fast delivery by courier. Everything works. Put down a gift stationery knife.

Verified Buyer
Алина Орловa
10 Dec 2019 02:58

Delivery is fast, courier service, by completeness all as in the description. About the quality to judge early, not yet used. Inside the box was a gift from the store-stationery knife) trifles but nice))) nothing is clear about the guarantee. Is it at all, for what period and where the guarantee obligations are fulfilled...

Verified Buyer
Данил Назаров
8 Dec 2019 09:52

To the Samara region. Arrived in 17 days! Track is fully tracked! Ordered 16 V, 1 Battery, case. There is instruction on the Russian! As for me, so the instruction for Shurik, it's like the instruction for the condom -- you need it! Kesik so-so, no loops -- completely plastic! How many discoveries-closing is enough, let's see. Who looked at the reviews on the Yut, this Shurik, I did the same thing -- I figured it out, everything is like in the review, it's decent, I will not describe it, everything is on the Yut. A couple of minuses: beats the cartridge! I unscrewed it, the shaft rotates smoothly, without beating. So this is the cartridge itself -- beef, if desired, can be replaced by another. Second -- the shaft does not stop, when replacing the bit, drill, a little uncomfortable, well, it's not critical! And in general, an excellent device, take it, you will not regret it! How long will we look! Thank you to the store, I recommend!

Verified Buyer
Рената Яшинa
7 Dec 2019 12:25

Everything works, the package was packed well, the delivery from the Russian Federation had to be 5-15 days, but in fact the month

Verified Buyer
Инна Базовкинa
6 Dec 2019 04:30

The parcel came in 26 days, the track is not tracked. The screwdriver is in good condition, the batteries are completely hidden. Seller recommend, all super

Verified Buyer
Оскар Герасимов
5 Dec 2019 10:15

Let's start with the delivery Ordered from Russia, but the warehouse was not there, although it was said that he was on the warehouse in Raschke, eventually waited 2 weeks while he arrived in Russia, and then it was delivered by the service JNT, received in the warehouse of the CSE Screwdriver for your money just super The cartridge literally goes there for a maximum of 1mm and there is no beating at all, which can be unreliable) Powerful, I think that they can work on concrete, although some do and it copes with a bang The only thing that charges the battery 2.5 hours ( The smell of plastic and rubber, but literally in 2 days disappeared Analogs of such screwdrivers in Russia cost at least 3.5-4 thousand I advise you to purchase

Verified Buyer
Roy Reyes
5 Dec 2019 03:57

The screwdriver came quickly, in a week somewhere! The quality of performance that in the photo, that the hands are perfect, for such money especially (took 11.11.19G for 2600r), I did not take it for a long time, because there are 10 Volt models only, for years 5 works perfectly, and this one decided to take 16 volts, I hope will last a long time! In general, I recommend, you will not regret it at all!

Verified Buyer
Эльза Зиминa
3 Dec 2019 02:22

Mega fast delivery. Everything works. Thank you to the store. Store prosperity.

Verified Buyer
Галина Тарасовa
2 Dec 2019 07:36

Delivered the courier to the entrance, liked the screwdriver, works fine, how to work them I will add a review

Verified Buyer
Аида Ильинa
1 Dec 2019 23:33

Ordered 21.11.19 came 2.12.19 all whole, in working order, the store recommend

Verified Buyer
Максим Федотов
28 Nov 2019 10:01

Delivery fast, ordered 11th, received 28th. Corresponds to the description completely. In the hand lies well, plastic quality, the cartridge does not beat. The power is decent. Instruction on the Russian!!! And a gift from the store is a small stationery knife! Thank you!

Verified Buyer
Ярослав Седых
27 Nov 2019 06:30

Special thanks to the store, responsive, delivery fast, packed perfectly, without any damage, in the work tried, twisted perfectly, smartly, batteries were charged, as a gift gave the seller a stationery knife)

Verified Buyer
Максим Юрков
25 Nov 2019 14:19

Ordered 11.11. Got 22.11. Everything works. The cartridge beats a little. As a gift put a set of bits and heads. Black drills and dowels :)

Verified Buyer
Анжела Ильинa
20 Nov 2019 07:51

Fast quality. Everything is super. The store is well done. I buy not the first time.

Verified Buyer
Владимир Буркавцов
1 Nov 2019 06:54

Screwdriver super. Delivered in days 10. as a gift the store put a stationery knife, a bat and a coupon for 2 bucks.

Verified Buyer
Василий Цыпченко
24 Oct 2019 20:44

Long shipping. The store is not guilty

Verified Buyer
Роза Фадеевa
24 Oct 2019 12:25

Finally received, delivery by courier to the house. Fast enough. For its price an excellent device. I took the shares for 1700. Assembled well, creaks, no backlash. For home Super. For long work, the ergonomics of the handle is not suitable.

Verified Buyer
Давид Соколов
24 Oct 2019 09:53

A little shipping delayed but all ok thanks

Verified Buyer
Константин Шадрин
21 Oct 2019 06:50

Fast delivery from Russia, week. sent in a new version, another case, the design of the scale and the battery. in the charger, the battery gets up effortlessly, the handle became more convenient, with pimples. as a gift put a stationery knife, for which thank you. Before that, I bought the same screwdriver, from this store, 2 years worked, did not break, the batteries are kept. I recommend to buy.

Verified Buyer
София Пановa
24 Sep 2019 19:34

Thank you. Very neat device. The battery was charged, packed well. The parcel came quickly, t to the warehouse in the moscow region. Recommend store and product.

Verified Buyer
Трофим Новиков
24 Sep 2019 04:53

I recommend the product and the store take do not think ordered from russia delivery 11 days to irkutsk.

Verified Buyer
Альбина Плотниковa
21 Sep 2019 03:23

Excellent screwdriver 2 times ordered. Prishol for 2 niches. Brought home.

Verified Buyer
Давыд Яшин
20 Sep 2019 01:23

Guys you are the best!!!! Two days since the order, i have not received the goods so quickly. I order this model for the second time already. The first has worked for 4 years with faith and truth. Comfortable, ergonomic, everywhere you can get them. The force on the motor is enough to twist thick and long screws. Respect :)))

Verified Buyer
Анфиса Фёдоровa
14 Sep 2019 09:30

I order the goods already in 3 times, an excellent shurik for this money

Verified Buyer
Зоя Николаевa
12 Sep 2019 11:15

Excellent shurik for 2 k, delivery is super fast, 2 days to penza. charging station glows red and green diode when charging, very convenient. i recommend it to everyone!

Verified Buyer
Василий Назаров
12 Sep 2019 09:03

Thank you very much everything works :)

Verified Buyer
Герман Румянцев
3 Sep 2019 00:49

All battery operated is charged, the charger did not check

Verified Buyer
Алина Харитоновa
23 Aug 2019 06:56

Hello! Order received, many thanks for the speed of sending and delivery. August 12 made an order, and 17 he was already at the place of delivery. Everything is packed perfectly, everything corresponds to the description. Thank you to the store, i recommend it to everyone.

Verified Buyer
Мария Волковa
23 Aug 2019 04:33

Everything came whole!!! To astrakhan in 5 days. The store put a gift. Thank you seller

Verified Buyer
Андрей Хватов
22 Aug 2019 03:39

Great shurik. Buy, you will not regret.

Verified Buyer
Марат Александров
13 Aug 2019 00:51

It took 5 days, but could bring for 3. He refused to take it earlier. Delivery by courier to the place. Good shurik. Made soundly, heavy. No backlash of the cartridge, no beating.

Verified Buyer
Александр Фролов
10 Aug 2019 11:57

The order came quickly, but to get had to communicate with the 8 express

Verified Buyer
Ирина Даниловa
8 Aug 2019 04:14

Really powerful. The store as a fast train-ordered a screwdriver on sunday night-i had on-tuesday morning. Equipped. As a gift knife and coupon. I recommend this seller.

Verified Buyer
Олег Зайцев
7 Aug 2019 08:40

Delivery two days. Gifts from the store are available. The same worked for two years at the construction site and broke the slider. It's a normal result.

Verified Buyer
Тимофей Завьялов
5 Aug 2019 07:23

It came in 6 days, now put on charging, i will check further

Verified Buyer
Татьяна Михайловa
3 Aug 2019 04:34

Cool shurik, everything works fine, no backlash. Came fully charged. The tambov region reached 4 days. I recommend both the product and the store!

Verified Buyer
Татьяна Савинa
2 Aug 2019 11:16

Fast delivery in russia. Looks good. We'll work, see what happens to him.

Verified Buyer
Василий Данилов
1 Aug 2019 10:07

The goods arrived in belgorod for 3 days, the quality is excellent. Thank you more!

Verified Buyer
Зина Семёновa
31 Jul 2019 23:22

Shurik is chic, the kit is also rich

Verified Buyer
Роза Воробьёвa
30 Jul 2019 11:19

Super fast shipping! Ordered on saturday, brought to the door on tuesday! Shurik works, took for work, i use actively every day. Let's see how long it takes.

Verified Buyer
Alberto Marín
29 Jul 2019 07:33

Perfect, well presented, apparently good quality

Verified Buyer
Любовь Зайцевa
28 Jul 2019 12:58

Shurik bomb! Small, comfortable for home class! Quickly charged, took with two batteries, with active use, has time to charge the second battery. Delivery to rostov-on-don for 4 days. As a gift put a flexible adapter. The store is handsome, i recommend!!

Verified Buyer
Ольга Назаровa
27 Jul 2019 08:18

As they say-the top for their money)) there is a small backlash of the cartridge, but nothing critical.

Verified Buyer
Christopher Gomez
27 Jul 2019 01:08

Everything is fine! Shurik is charged and works great! Small, neat, comfortable! How long will it last, time will show!

Verified Buyer
Анна Румянцевa
24 Jul 2019 12:36

Delivery is very fast, the item is included, according to the description, everything works, convenient for me, the store also sent a coupon and gift, thank you and success to you in business.

Verified Buyer
Инга Седых
22 Jul 2019 23:11

Everything is fine. Works, the power is good. Set as in the picture. Packed well. Met all expectations. The store put a small gift, very nice.

Verified Buyer
Марат Захаров
21 Jul 2019 01:11

The goods came, everything works fine

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