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Our store has just added electric chainsaw to its stock. A hot trending product, we’ve got what you need at just US $47.00.


  • Premium product quality
  • Competitive price not found elsewhere
  • Wide selection fit for everyone (just choose any Ships From and Color you want)

If you want to learn more, see the unique features of our power tools.


Weight: 1.5kg
Wattage: 800w-999w

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Moreover, it’s your chance to buy this premium quality product at a low price! However, if you don’t believe us, look at the feedback our previous customers left and hurry up to click on ADD TO CART before we’ve sold it out!


Do the colors in the photos match the real ones?
The colors in the pictures match the real colors of the electric chainsaw you will receive. However, please, don’t forget that the screen of most devices might slightly distort the actual colors.

Are the materials safe for the user?
We use the best available resources and manufacturing methods, thus, keeping our standards for the electric chainsaw as high as possible.

Why does it only cost US $47.00?
We’re able to set competitive product prices that make our clients happier because we don’t bear significant stock-related expenses

Do any extra fees apply?
On the checkout page, you will see the total price. This is the final price, so no extra expenses will be necessary.

Can I post a photo of my purchase on social media?
It’s totally OK to post the photo of your purchase anywhere you want. Furthermore, we’d really appreciate that!

Will it be wise to order it?
Stay confident! This product is of high quality, meanwhile, the price is as low as possible.


Do you pack the orders properly?
We pack all orders in a proper way to prevent your purchases from damage in transit, so you don’t have to worry.

Is it possible to add several items to cart?
Please, order as many products as you want because there are no limitations.

I like the chainsaw. Please tell me how to place an order?
Select the product variation you need. Then click on the ADD TO CART button, indicate your contact details, choose the method of payment and pay for your order. After that, we’ll receive your payment and order details, and start assembling the package as soon as possible.

Will the shipping time change depending on the payment option I use?
It doesn’t matter what payment method you choose because the shipping time will not depend on it.

Can you prove your store is reliable?
We are proud to have a reputation of a trustworthy online store that meets and exceeds the buyers’ expectations. You can check it out yourself, too – for example, take a look at the feedback left by our customers at different product pages!

Is it possible to buy the chainsaw offline?
Finding identical products in regular stores is possible. However, offline stores are common to resell the same chainsaw for a higher price to compensate for their expenses.

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Verified Buyer
Рycлана Довженко
5 Jan 2020 00:21

The goods were whole, but the box was pomyata and torn, in connection with these crayons spare parts (bolts and nuts) fell out of the box and could be lost because the cooler in which the box was thin and also torn. Ask for better packaging.

Verified Buyer
Софья Лазаревa
18 Dec 2019 02:31

The nozzle is not bad. The only thing that is bad is to put and shoot every time, mutorno.

Verified Buyer
Семён Галкин
17 Dec 2019 10:05

Ordered 16.11., received 17.12. With home delivery, all norms. The truth for a long time was looking for a third star because. Inside in the pocketing it was not, I already wanted to write a complaint, but accidentally checked the black package where I found the adhesive tape the third star for 14, uh... Why hide like that. Tomorrow I will tie to the turbine, sign off. Seller thanks!

Verified Buyer
Алла Щуровa
14 Dec 2019 13:09

The case is cast, the quality is satisfactory, no more. I have not tried it yet, if I add a tip.

Verified Buyer
Christine Watson
13 Dec 2019 10:39

Didn't tested yet, but looks good quality.

Verified Buyer
Василиса Румянцевa
12 Dec 2019 00:11

For some reason, the order closed before I received the parcel. But everything came whole. I will add how to assemble the design.

Verified Buyer
Гена Ивков
11 Dec 2019 13:44

Everything came to the 115th Bulgarian! Quality is good, for the house just right!

Verified Buyer
Тарас Чернов
7 Dec 2019 05:42

Collected works

Verified Buyer
Александра Ротару
3 Dec 2019 21:09

Got a courier for 20 days. Initially opened the dispute, because I did not find the third nut, then found it glued to the packaging package (naturally the dispute was closed). As I try this miracle I will add a tip.

Verified Buyer
Оскар Жгилёв
3 Dec 2019 00:04

Good afternoon to everyone! Thanks to the store. Delivered quickly. Excellent quality. All successful purchases.

Verified Buyer
Julio Cruz
30 Nov 2019 03:40

Everything's perfect, it's good and it cuts well. I recommend face me.

Verified Buyer
Катерина Максимовa
26 Nov 2019 07:51

Delivered to the apartment Courier IML. Collected, everything works on Bosch ears with a speed controller and a smooth start.

Verified Buyer
Виктория Ульяновa
25 Nov 2019 22:16

Arrived in Moscow in 12 days. Delivery to the apartment by EML. The box is whole. Complete set. All the stars are in place, in the case has not yet tried.

Verified Buyer
Юрий Данилов
19 Nov 2019 01:20

Everything came as in the description, the forest will not pull but for giving fire! The store is the fastest!!!! Ordered 11.11. On sale, and received 17.11. I recommend unequivocally!

Verified Buyer
José Ángel Jiménez
15 Nov 2019 06:14

I 've tried cutting goes Rios sticks and it goes well, but I had to buy a 17 Euro grinder why the anchor I had wasn't coming in because it was exceeding 43 mm

Verified Buyer
Karen Guzman
12 Nov 2019 09:39

Everything corresponds, everything works. thanks to the store.

Verified Buyer
Юрий Уткин
8 Nov 2019 03:16

Saw. Star 14-I. ordered everything at once.

Verified Buyer
Gonzalo Hernández
4 Nov 2019 04:24

Fast shipping and it looks great for now. Lo tecominedo

Verified Buyer
Станислав Яковлев
29 Oct 2019 15:06

Very long and nervous delivery without tracking, received the order two months after opening the dispute. Packing broken in trash, a set for assembling the saw survived. The store promises a lot, but the shipping method chooses the most deshmann, from this problem to buyers.

Verified Buyer
Patrick Ortiz
23 Oct 2019 05:25

Everything is included. Assembled easily, there is an assembly instruction. I will check in the work leave additional feedback.

Verified Buyer
Никита Базовкин
22 Oct 2019 16:32

, Here are no more words, why you write delivery from Russia, it is not so!!! I waited for the as long, the whole came, I'm happy, but the bitch as long as from China!!! If you want a fast delivery, order from Tmall, but not just where the memo "Mole from Russia" zamanuha on which I hooked up, everything collected, saw in appearance small and it seems that quite a baby, I expected that she was more, but it turned out quite so firmly going, ordered three washers under the chain, I went to 14mm, everything is super, while I saw the newha, how I bring the logs for sleeping, I'll try to cut and supplement the photos with work, but while the photo of the saw and assembly, the assembly is easy

Verified Buyer
Алёна Базовкинa
20 Oct 2019 12:39

Order delivered in five days! I did not write immediately a review, I decided to check. I have two Bulgarian, an old Kress and a rechargeable DeWalt. Unfortunately, no one came up. The problem is that on the chair there is no neck on which to attach protection, and on the devolte the system of fastening and turning protection does not allow to install this nozzle. Feels like the thing should not be bad. I just didn't fit. By design, exactly fit on the Makita. But I do not have maquita.) Have to make one of your friends a gift. On the third photo, the lever that fixes the casing on the devolte and does not allow you to install the nozzle.

Verified Buyer
Степан Яблоков
17 Oct 2019 05:06

For small works the most that. Came very quickly. The courier brought home.

Verified Buyer
Аида Евдокимовa
15 Oct 2019 01:52

Not yet tried but at first glance everything is in place. Delivered directly to the address by courier service.

Verified Buyer
Мирон Терехов
15 Oct 2019 00:13

Delivery by courier to the house, the parcel is intact and safe. Collected, checked, everything is fine. For small works in the country the most it!

Verified Buyer
Алла Царёвa
7 Oct 2019 07:41

Peter arrived in three days. Everything is collected, everything works. The tree hasn't sawed yet. Looks like a strong thing.

Verified Buyer
Евгений Лавров
6 Oct 2019 09:55

Delivery-less than a week-fantastic. Made well. It remains to collect and test.

Verified Buyer
Анна Моисеенко
4 Oct 2019 01:58

22.09 ordered, courier 4.10 already brought. Very satisfied. I will test, i will add a review. 5 stars

Verified Buyer
Олександр Давиденко
29 Sep 2019 16:18

Delivered for the city. The packaging could be buti kraškoy, bo in one city detail the annex i broke and wilizla called. In the robot is not overdressed, all the nibi is good.

Verified Buyer
Ольга Черемновa
29 Sep 2019 11:56

Delivery of 1.5 weeks to saratov. Saw super. I cut a bunch of firewood.

Verified Buyer
Кира Максимовa
28 Sep 2019 23:07

Delivery to the great novgorod is only 10 days, courier to the door. Packaging whole. Set as in the description. All three stars (10, 14, 16) are available. Thank you very much to the store. I'm going to check today. I will try to supplement the review.

Verified Buyer
Дарья Черновa
27 Sep 2019 08:00

The goods came to bashkortostan for 20 days. The box is not wrinkled, completeness seems complete. It's a good thing they sent a hex key. I haven't actually checked it yet.

Verified Buyer
Арина Юрьевa
27 Sep 2019 04:18

Delivery is excellent-thanks to iml, delivered what is stated. Test-write off

Verified Buyer
Ганна Галицький
26 Sep 2019 07:38

It came in the promised time all staffed. But in the assembly revealed one small marriage in the bobbin for pulling the chain is not a thread, and the hole under the thread is drilled. i had to order a new lathe, sharpened with me a new now cut the thread and cemented and can be tested.

Verified Buyer
Леся Худяковa
25 Sep 2019 23:16

All as in the description. Complete set. Ordered with three nuts. Delivery by courier service but without tracking and not clear for a long time, although sending from russia.

Verified Buyer
Кристина Завьяловa
23 Sep 2019 07:00

Collected, tried, saw. Thank you

Verified Buyer
Ян Смирнов
23 Sep 2019 01:26

All in stock, works. Courier brought the parcel

Verified Buyer
Альбина Лавровa
22 Sep 2019 23:28

Everything is fine, kit.

Verified Buyer
Валентина Ермаковa
21 Sep 2019 23:34

Collected saw wushm from me dear pity it is necessary to buy deshmanskaya under this saw

Verified Buyer
Mattia Neri
18 Sep 2019 12:19

Fantastic ..... Thank You Seller.. Arrived in 10 days in Italy Amazing…. I am happy

Verified Buyer
Эльвира Волковa
17 Sep 2019 07:24

Fast delivery looks very good i will try in addition Feedback.

Verified Buyer
Ксения Юрченко
16 Sep 2019 13:42

Went to the apartment in moscow for 20 days. Quality material all is as in the description collected and tried i recommend to buy a makita 504 battery. Take it will not regret.

Verified Buyer
Назар Щукин
16 Sep 2019 08:57

The goods arrived fast enough, delivery by courier, everything on the spot as ordered, saw collected and tried, saw well, but while probably the chain is still new, let's see how it will be further, in general the goods are satisfied, thank you, i recommend.

Verified Buyer
Инга Жгилёвa
15 Sep 2019 22:41

Hello, i got it. Delivery 3 weeks to moscow region. Brought home. Collected on the bulgarian everything works sawing and sawing a tree with a diameter of 15 cm. Everything is fine. The only instruction in the box consists of black and white photos there everything merges is not very clear. Figured out on the box there are color photos. Do not confuse the bolts yellow for tightening the clamp on the bulgarian, white for fixing the tire chain. Be sure to lubricate the chain with oil before installation. Seller recommend.

Verified Buyer
10 Sep 2019 11:09

Thank you. I'm very impressed. My best recommendations.

Verified Buyer
Наталья Владимировa
4 Sep 2019 10:27

I received the goods, in two packages, because of our "translators", did not fully understand the store and ran on him for nothing. It turns out in the second parcel there was an asterisk, exactly the one i need. Today i checked the goods, on the battery grinder, the expectation surpassed everything, drank them a hundredth bar, hurray, and so pentecost and less, everything sails well, of course over time, the chain of the arrival to change. So i advise everyone, you will not regret it, then i'll try it on an electric bulgarian.

Verified Buyer
Андрей Уткин
31 Aug 2019 02:20

Works, but came two stars m16

Verified Buyer
29 Aug 2019 01:46

Very fast delvery. Excellent

Verified Buyer
Kevin Evans
16 Aug 2019 00:18

Not yet used

Verified Buyer
Joshua Meyer
14 Aug 2019 22:36

Gavau per 15dienu.

Verified Buyer
Анна Новиковa
14 Aug 2019 07:10

It came but still did not try a box with a light mint but this is a trifle of the producer to recommend

Verified Buyer
Сабина Боковa
10 Aug 2019 13:20

Everything is super, the store is odd, i strongly recommend! 10 stars.

Verified Buyer
Кира Любушкинa
7 Aug 2019 12:25

Everything is fine. The only small minus did not put the star on 14

Verified Buyer
Анжела Евсеевa
1 Aug 2019 12:21

Ordered delivery from russia. The parcel came on the third day after payment from moscow to tula. Brought the courier. Everything is intact, everything is normal. Saw also norms. Thanks to the store for the good work.

Verified Buyer
Инесса Шевченко
31 Jul 2019 04:30

Chic thing, all in the kit, even a chain. Quality for 10 out of 5

Verified Buyer
Егор Романов
29 Jul 2019 21:29

All well came quickly collected everything came up

Verified Buyer
Григорий Петров
28 Jul 2019 21:31

The goods received. To experience how it works so far is not possible. As i check, i will add a review...

Verified Buyer
Денис Ротару
25 Jul 2019 03:10

Everything came intact. Very fast, in a week in the moscow region. Only, i think, two identical gears put the store. I'll use it, i'll write later.

Verified Buyer
Hildegarda Szczepaniak
25 Jul 2019 01:29

Pack came quickly, today przetestuj equipment

Verified Buyer
Эдуард Кабанов
24 Jul 2019 22:07

Everything came a whole and a complete set in the case did not try to write later. while i like it.

Verified Buyer
Олег Боков
24 Jul 2019 00:40

Ordered with sending from russia. The store immediately sent... From china... After correspondence gave another track, in the russian federation. When ordering put accent ns 14 asterisk, came 10 and 16... Promised part of the funds in the form of compensation to return through ali. Waiting. I ordered 14 stars from another seller. The landing surface of a smaller diameter, you need to modify the file. (((this will weaken the design... I can not check the quality without the stars. I will add a review later.

Verified Buyer
Станислав Черкашин
23 Jul 2019 07:23

Delivery by fast courier, checked in work everything is fine

Verified Buyer
Jerry Parker
15 Jul 2019 04:53

Delivery quickly. i recommend the store. in the work i will check-i will add a review

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