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Introducing Electric Reciprocating Saw for Wood and Metal, one of our latest additions! We want our customers to be happy with every aspect of their purchase, so see the quality of the reciprocating saw for yourself, for just US $74.00.

At this online store, one can buy with confidence and get:

  • An in-demand product you won’t find in brick-and-mortar stores
  • Fast, guaranteed delivery
  • A no-questions-asked return policy

Get your electric saw delivered to anywhere in the world.  But hurry – this new addition is already selling fast.


Weight: 2.1kg
Wattage: 500w-799w

Sounds great! However, hurry up and ADD TO CART this breathtaking offer while it’s still valid!


Are there more variations to choose from?
We are showing all the available variations on the product page, so feel free to take a look at the description of the reciprocating saw!

Why would I buy your electric saw instead of other products?
We are proud to treat our buyers with the items of the highest quality, and same goes for the reciprocating saw! Meanwhile, we always try to offer goods at the lowest prices possible for a particular group of products.

What’s the price for this?
We appreciate your interest in our product above all. It costs only US $74.00.

Can you collect any taxes? Or is it tax free?
Taxation is defined by your location. Therefore, you will see the tax value (if applicable) on the checkout page that shows the total cost of your order.

Is it wise to make this purchase?
If you like the electric saw, why not place your order? It’s made of good quality materials and the price is attractive, too. So be brave!

Can I share the photos of this product on the Internet?
We appreciate our customers’ opinion of our products. So, feel free to share your experience.


If I buy several units of the same product, will you send them one by one?
When you order multiple units of the same item, they arrive together (even if every unit is packed separately). So you won’t have to wait for multiple deliveries at different days!

Do you give a full refund if a package gets damaged or lost during transportation?
Contact us if something bad happened with your package during transfer. There is no reason to worry because if your package is lost or damaged, you will get a full refund.

How many of these are left?
There are enough items to place a medium-scale order. However, we would recommend that you make your purchase as soon as possible as we expect the reciprocating saw stock to run low by the end of the week.

Looks like I made a mistake when placing an order. How can I change the details or cancel the order?
There is nothing to worry about. You just need to contact our support managers and let them know about your issue, so that they could change or cancel your order.

I like the electric saw, but do you have the authorization to sell this product?
Our store has all the necessary permissions to operate in this sphere. All the items we offer including the electric saw are perfectly legal.

Why should I buy from you? Because other shops sell similar products.
We believe that each of our customers should be happy with the purchase. Therefore, why we do our best to provide you with premium products at the lowest prices possible.

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Verified Buyer
Лев Кабанов
6 Jan 2020 12:18

For my money, an excellent saw once used further I will add a tip

Verified Buyer
Kyle Jones
29 Dec 2019 05:05


Verified Buyer
Laura Meyer
29 Dec 2019 01:16

Arrived 17 days in Astana to the threshold. Cool. Kind of quality is normal

Verified Buyer
Геннадий Ульянов
28 Dec 2019 12:40

Included in the outlet-works. There is no way to check in fact, took for a gift. Like the quality is not bad, I do not know how the files from the kit will show themselves. Can you immediately buy normal? Sent imlom.

Verified Buyer
Роза Герасимовa
27 Dec 2019 00:19

Packing is weak. The whole tool works. Recommended

Verified Buyer
Игорь Ушаков
23 Dec 2019 18:41

The parcel came well packed and without damage. Sabine saw came well packed, everything looks like a whole and not harmful to check in the case to write off. Separate blades went together. I'll check them in later. And so great saw. The producer respect and respect for fast departure. Thank you again

Verified Buyer
Yasmine Benard
23 Dec 2019 12:08

Got fast enough. The parcel came absolutely whole, without damage, took from the point of issue of goods on the internet orders. I checked in blank and in the evening in the work, I sawed the door cloths for firewood, as well as chipboard and boards Pentecost. Does not heat saw quickly and cleanly, the tool is very satisfied.

Verified Buyer
Людмила Цыганковa
23 Dec 2019 01:18

Came with a courier, works, made qualitatively, 4 files in the kit, the momentum by pressing a button, in fact has not tried.

Verified Buyer
Мирон Михайлов
18 Dec 2019 03:11

Thank you very much to the store for the excellent goods and fast delivery!!! packed all on,, excellent "-everything has come to an end.

Verified Buyer
Олег Казаков
17 Dec 2019 09:55

Excellent, delivery about three weeks, brought to the house, description matches, files included, works, heavy, but the husband is happy, great gift, the product and the store recommend

Verified Buyer
Богдан Павлов
15 Dec 2019 21:43

Everything works fine.

Verified Buyer
Вероника Максимовa
14 Dec 2019 12:18

Arrived courier in a week. Sound when working is good. Power for its price is normal. Took for 1.8 TR.

Verified Buyer
Антон Калинин
14 Dec 2019 03:33

It came quickly, on a preliminary call, to the apartment. The box is whole, there are three additional canvases. I will add on the rayote of the device later. Heavy. Recommend store

Verified Buyer
Адам Назаров
13 Dec 2019 12:30

Got to Nizhny Novgorod in a week. First came the curve of a text-type to confirm the address. I'm a little down. I think, well, creative people pancake. I went through the link, which I do not like to do and I do not advise anyone. Well, confirmed, entered the name and so on. In a few days, we'll deliver the call today. Agreed, brought straight to work (I work in the city). No claims for delivery. Completeness as in the description. Works, for a long time, let's see. It's spring.

Verified Buyer
Mohamed Lorenzo
12 Dec 2019 01:24

Rosy great, looks really good

Verified Buyer
Давид Воробьёв
11 Dec 2019 06:09

Thanks to the store, it came quickly, everything works. Took as a cheap addition to the AEG US 400 XE car, will be used on construction sites and in the garden. The stroke of the saw is quite soft, the speed adjustment depending on the depth of pressing the button is present, the canvas is 200mm with a large tooth when cutting branches pulls. Reducer for the amount of lubrication has not yet inspected, I will not promise to unsubscribe later). The power cord is soft, at least at 0 Celsius does not blow, the length of 1,9 m. Many here write that the files in the kit-garbage, no, ordinary working files of a Tran quality of something like matrix or interskol, die quickly, but work. From jambs-a very large backlash of the file in the quick-clamping mechanism on the plane of the cut, about 5 degrees (in AEG less than one). In general, I'm happy: I needed a cheap reciprocating saw, which is not a pity to kill, I got it.

Verified Buyer
Жанна Воробьёвa
11 Dec 2019 03:21

Everything matches

Verified Buyer
Sajtos Barbara
10 Dec 2019 11:25

Nem is tudom miért Nem vettem Már hamarább. Nagy segítség a szűk helyen történő vágásoknál, Amire gyakran szükségem van. Remek Kis szerszám és EGY hét alatt Meg is jött. Köszönöm és ajánlom!

Verified Buyer
Станислав Иванов
10 Dec 2019 08:58

It came quickly, during the week, the description corresponds, works gently, clearly, the files in the kit of low quality, plan to immediately buy good, and they are not cheap.

Verified Buyer
Альбина Максимовa
9 Dec 2019 04:18

Delivery by courier. From Moscow Dr Bashkiria less than a month. Everything works. Seller rekomerduyu.

Verified Buyer
Давид Юшков
8 Dec 2019 08:41

The parcel came in 9 days, brought the courier, the track was tracked. The Saw Works, is made of high-quality plastic, took on sale on Black Friday. At us in the store such 6500, I cost 2150. Seller recommend.

Verified Buyer
Юлия Жгилёвa
7 Dec 2019 01:45

The product corresponds to the description. Shipping 10 days

Verified Buyer
Teguh Fauziah
5 Dec 2019 18:28

ordered 11/11, received 6/12, quality good, packing good, goods as expected, recomendef store, thanks aliexpress

Verified Buyer
Нина Харитоновa
5 Dec 2019 11:04

Great tool for home use, delivery fast and neat, outwardly everything is fine, at work as well without complaints.

Verified Buyer
Ульяна Шаповаловa
5 Dec 2019 05:29

Corresponds to the description! Works!

Verified Buyer
Полина Царёвa
4 Dec 2019 10:52

In Moscow delivery 4 days. Brought the courier to the house. All as in the description, at first glance looks good.

Verified Buyer
Светлана Ивковa
2 Dec 2019 04:01

Good, high-quality saw. Thank you very much to the store.

Verified Buyer
Альберт Шаповалов
2 Dec 2019 02:30

Saw delivered quickly, thanks to the store! Checked works, there are no defects, for their money (2100r) an excellent tool, for the house just right! In the kit there are two saws for Wood and two for metal.

Verified Buyer
Анатолий Уваров
1 Dec 2019 23:38

Everything is super, the store is super order boldly, it's all not crumpled, delivery by Courier

Verified Buyer
Макс Лазарев
30 Nov 2019 08:09

Normal saw.

Verified Buyer
גלעד ענבר
29 Nov 2019 04:25

very good worth the money

Verified Buyer
Иван Плотников
27 Nov 2019 06:25

Saw ordered 11.11, 27.11 courier delivered the goods to the house. The acquisition is very satisfied, the power is felt, the speed is regulated by pressing the button. In the kit there are two saws for metal, two for Wood. I haven't tried the case yet. I recommend the store, very promptly sent the goods, and the courier company did not fail.

Verified Buyer
Вадим Черноусов
27 Nov 2019 04:18

Everything works

Verified Buyer
Лина Шаповаловa
27 Nov 2019 00:14

The goods came before I expected, everything worked well. Prodovets recommend.

Verified Buyer
Алиса Дмитриевa
26 Nov 2019 07:35

Delivery fast 14 days to Sverdlovsk Region. Checked works. The complete set is all as described 2 small files 2 larger, hexagon, for boards 20-30mm still have to buy a file with a large tooth. About 40 cm in length. Of the pros: smooth start, light, moving elements are made of metal, even a quick-release handle at the end of the working part of the metal, it is convenient to change the files. Of the shortcomings: I think the vibration is too high, when the acceleration decreases, the instruction on the English. I took for the garden to saw the boards different. As in practice, you need to check.

Verified Buyer
Эдуард Дмитриев
25 Nov 2019 07:43

Took the second saw, since 11.11 for 1888 rubles. Sin not to take, the first since July works well, in work I use 3-4 times a week, replacing risers in a multi-storey house. Very satisfied

Verified Buyer
José Ibáñez
20 Nov 2019 12:17

Everything is perfect. Fast shipping. Very good shopping.

Verified Buyer
Владислав Фадеев
20 Nov 2019 07:28

Ordered 12.11.19. Courier in Mo brought 20.11.19! Purchase is satisfied!!! For household needs the most it!!! Smooth start and speed control button! Immediately added lubrication! (Thanks to reviews) for this money you need to take!))))

Verified Buyer
Ryan Price
20 Nov 2019 01:06

Sent the next day, although Ali status changed only days after 5, delivery to Moscow 8 days. Works. Files in the kit are short, you need to buy more authentic.

Verified Buyer
Инга Юдинa
18 Nov 2019 10:16

Works fine, no complaints, cheap, fast, recommend

Verified Buyer
Константин Васильев
1 Nov 2019 20:54

Delivery is very fast right to the apartment by courier. Saw perfectly, tried to quail the Bolt by 12mm approximately left a minute, the only negative is no setting of the speed of the saw, it is adjusted by pressing the trigger, which is not very convenient, but in general the purchase is satisfied

Verified Buyer
Максим Окулов
31 Oct 2019 12:15

I took for 2631r, for such money just a find, it works fine, it's a sin to complain. How long will it last, knows, even if it breaks, not so offensive. Assembly for 4 --, convenient quick-release cartridge for canvases, smooth start, speed adjustment by pressing the trigger. Case No, came in a box that immediately fell apart.

Verified Buyer
Николай Осипов
26 Sep 2019 03:30

Delivery is fast, courier. Saw good, saw well. Both the product and the store recommend.

Verified Buyer
Вадим Жуков
12 Sep 2019 12:48

Funny saw. Only the reducer is very noisy. We need to add grease.

Verified Buyer
Анна Цивилёвa
12 Sep 2019 10:17

Turned on, working. In fact, they did not check.

Verified Buyer
Филипп Юдин
8 Sep 2019 04:19

It seems to work! How bolgo is not clear! Brought the courier!

Verified Buyer
Рената Степановa
7 Sep 2019 05:47

Packed very well recommend, delivery for a week, works, later i will add.

Verified Buyer
Николай Семёнов
6 Sep 2019 23:26

Delivery super fast to novosibirsk 9 days. Iml was delivered straight home. I'll work it out.

Verified Buyer
Валентин Ткаченко
6 Sep 2019 06:49

Thank you store, fast delivery, home, saw good for home use, recommend

Verified Buyer
Юрий Долгих
5 Sep 2019 09:19

Works, let's see how much is enough ☺

Verified Buyer
Маргарита Поповa
4 Sep 2019 15:16

. Excellent. 4 days delivery. the only one where to repair.

Verified Buyer
لمياء الشهري
3 Sep 2019 09:53

Fast delivery. I recommend the store two weeks arrived the rest of his experience. وشوف

Verified Buyer
Кира Угловa
2 Sep 2019 06:33

Everything works delivered courier corresponds to the description

Verified Buyer
Зоя Егоровa
21 Aug 2019 00:57

A little delayed delivery, wrote to the store, received a detailed response from both the seller and the delivery service. Thank you more, everything came in integrity. Comes with instructions and 4 blades: 2 for metal and 2 for wood.

Verified Buyer
هاني الشهري
30 Jul 2019 12:06

Under experience, its quality is good

Verified Buyer
Трофим Иванов
28 Jul 2019 12:28

Saw excellent i use for cutting silencers of cars but the canvas full of shit propyl in 1 cm in the photo

Verified Buyer
Александр Черкашин
26 Jul 2019 12:50

The saw is comfortable. I have not tried in work yet. But in appearance everything is qualitative. Cord about 2 meters. The files immediately ordered others.

Verified Buyer
Олеся Пановa
22 Jul 2019 14:50

Saw liked, collected well, without unnecessary gaps, everything is clear. The power for home use is enough. The cutting speed is regulated by pressing the trigger. Complete files of course, this demki-only try. To work you need to buy better. The mechanism is similar to the jig mechanism and the clip of the saw blade is the same.

Verified Buyer
Bunga Kusuma
20 Jul 2019 07:00

macth the description

Verified Buyer
Albert Wright
19 Jul 2019 11:09

I ordered 16.07.2019, took 19.07.2019, the product got out quickly! all as in the description, very good! i recommend the store!

Verified Buyer
יואב רונן
17 Jul 2019 07:34

like the pictures and discriptions

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